Should the COVID-19 Vaccine Be Required? Take Our Poll

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Eyepix/NurPhoto/Shutterstock (11835979c)A health worker apply a dose of Covid-19 Pfizer-BioNTech during a mass vaccination program to immunize Elderlies more that 60 years of age at Toluca Technological Institute.
Eyepix/NurPhoto/Shutterstock / Eyepix/NurPhoto/Shutterstock

When coronavirus vaccines first came available to the public on January 25, there was a mad scramble.

Weigh In: Should the COVID-19 Vaccine Be Required? Take Our Poll

Eligible people and their tech-adept relatives scrambled to find vaccines and make appointments. A new volunteer role –  vaccine whisperer – emerged to help people line up shots within reasonable distance to their home.

Two months later, most vulnerable populations have been able to access the vaccine, and states are gradually opening appointments to people age 16 and over, regardless of underlying health conditions or occupation. Nebraska is now open to everyone over age 18 thanks to the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program.

Your Opinion Matters: Proof of Vaccination Is a Major Debate – What Do You Think?

And, as vaccines become more widespread, more people will need to prove that they have them. Digital vaccine passports have the potential to become a multi-million dollar business. Employers have the right to require vaccinations, and service providers ranging from restaurants to airlines are looking into whether and how to ask for proof of vaccination. The Washington Post reports that the federal government and the European Union are looking into “vaccine passport” that people can use to prove their status.

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Many vaccination sites are handing out cards from the Centers for Disease Control to record shots. Not all sites use these, and counterfeits abound. Don’t throw your masks away yet.

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Last updated: March 30, 2021

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