7 Money-Saving Moves That Aren’t Just Cheap — They’re Also Effective

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Though inflation is cooling down, it could be a long way until prices get back to anywhere close to normal. And so saving money remains top of mind for consumers, many of whom are also concerned about a looming recession and mass layoffs in various job sectors. Frugal-minded folks have a number of money-saving moves they can make that aren’t just cheap; they’re also effective. Let’s have a look at some of them. 

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Use Old Clothes as Cleaning Rags 

No longer going to wear that old T-shirt – but it’s too stained or tattered to donate? Cut it up and turn it into a series of kitchen rags. You can sew them up for a neater appearance, but since they’re just for tidying up messes and scrubbing mildew and other icky stuff, there’s really no need to make a fuss.  

Clean Your Lightbulbs 

Who knew that cleaning your lightbulbs was such a useful hack? Indeed, a dirty bulb actually emits less light than a clean one, meaning that you may have to turn the lights up (aka, use more energy) to make a dirty bulb shine bright. So get that duster out and keep your bulbs sparkling. 

Make Your Money Work for You

Use Grocery Bags for Bathroom Trash Bags 

Who says you need to invest in those small bathroom-canister-sized trash bags? They’re a waste of plastic and a waste of money. Use bags you have left over from the supermarket or drugstore instead. This is also better for the environment as it’s a form of recycling.  

Keep A Well-Stocked Fridge 

A full fridge may sound expensive, but it can actually help cut down on your electricity bill. How? Items kept closely together retain cold in frigid settings (much like they retain heat in warm settings). 

Opt for the Toaster Oven or Airfryer Over the Traditional Oven 

Toaster ovens and airfryers use significantly less energy than traditional ovens and can often get the same jobs done in less time.  

Shut the Closet Door 

Do you really want to pay the extra expense of having to heat or cool your closet? Because that’s what you’re doing by keeping the door to it open.

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Make Your Money Work for You

Shop Sans Shopping Cart 

Just need to pop into the supermarket or big-box retailer for a couple of items? Don’t get a shopping cart. It may feel odd at first, but this simple trick can prevent you from lollygagging around the store and caving into impulse buys. 

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Make Your Money Work for You

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