These 7 Items Are Not Worth Buying Due to Lack of Use



There are purchases you love so much you wish you bought 10, and then there are those other ones — things that seemed like a good idea at the time, but you quickly realize you never use, it takes up space, or it just wasn’t worth your money. Have you ever wondered why you buy things you don’t need?

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According to psychologist Ivaylo Durmonski, we shop for two key reasons: to get further away from pain, and to get closer to pleasure. Shopping for things we don’t need can give us a temporary thrill or numb our pain. In fact, manufacturers and retailers spends lots of money every year collecting and analyzing data to do exactly that — get us to buy things we think we need in the moment, but truly don’t.

To save you from making these kinds of mistake purchases, we’ve gathered 7 items you should never buy, because you simply won’t use them.

Make Your Money Work for You
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Baby Wipe Warmers

If the baby industry knows anything, it’s that parents will fork out big cash for any product that seems to make life easier or improve it in some way. While diaper time can be stressful for some parents, diaper wipe warmers might be one of the most unnecessary products of all, according to Cheapism.

It’s a $20-$35 item that has only one job, and it’s a job that is most likely pointless if you simply keep your baby wipes at room temperature.

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Car Decorations

Yes, it’s true, if you put “carlashes” or a fake nose on the front of your car, you can make it look like a cute face. But how long are you likely to keep them on there, and is that $30 or more money you’d consider well spent?

Probably not.

Make Your Money Work for You
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Electric Can Openers

There are lots of kitchen gadgets that seem like a good idea at the time because of their convenience. The reality, however, is that some are not much better than the manual alternative (unless you have a disability or arthritis), and it’s just going to take up counter space, according to MoneyTalksNews.

Modern can openers are pretty efficient in their own right, and can openers in general are needed a lot less often nowadays, so an electric one is a bit superfluous.

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Gym Memberships

Let’s face it, most of us are optimistic when we sign up for a gym membership. But, if you don’t already have a habit of going, chances are that New Year’s Resolution isn’t going to last more than a couple months.

Depending on the gym you choose, you could be throwing away anywhere from $30 to more than $50 monthly on an underused membership. Instead, invest in some gym equipment you like using, such as dumbbells or an inexpensive and compact treadmill. Or just get outside for a walk, hike or run.

Make Your Money Work for You
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High End Bath Salts

In their fancy packaging, high end bath salts can look like a luxury item when you’re feeling the need to treat yourself to self-care. But the truth is, you’re most often paying extra for a brand name, overpriced essential oils or other features.

Most bath salts are comprised of the same ingredients, according to MoneyTalksNews — Epsom salts — which you can get for cheap at your local drugstore and throw in a few drops of your favorite affordable essential oil for half the cost. Besides, how often do you really take those baths?

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Individual Plastic Flossers

Good dental hygiene is important, especially flossing your teeth. If you’ve ever been compelled to buy those individual flossers, don’t be surprised when the big bag of plastic (which is not eco-friendly) sits in the corner of your bathroom.

Basic rolled dental floss is cheaper and more effective, making it more likely that you’ll use it, according to MoneyTalkNews.

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Sandwich Press

In an ideal world, you would have an enormous kitchen with a tool for every need. In reality, most of the gadgets we buy are novelty items at best, and just clutter up your kitchen.

Take the sandwich press — a device whose only job is to fancy up your grilled sandwiches and quesadillas, according to Cheapism. Save yourself the money, and the counter space, and pass on this item.

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