People Are Paying $400 to Go on a Mystery Trip Planned by a Stranger

Let your next getaway be a real adventure — and worry-free.
  • This travel agency sends travelers on a weekend getaway based on their budget and preferences.
  • Travelers open a mailed envelope to find out their destination.
  • The travel agency takes care of transportation and accommodation bookings, and provides a curated list of recommendations.

Use a vacation day or two and tap into your sense of spontaneity and adventure because Pack Up + Go, a domestic travel agency company, wants to help you, well, pack up and go.

For adventurous souls who get a thrill out of spontaneity, the company takes the chore out of planning three-day weekends. No more poring over city guides or tracking airfares — Pack Up + Go is designed to help customers explore U.S. destinations in two-night, three-day clips.

But there’s a catch: You won’t know where you’re going until the morning of your departure.

How Pack Up + Go Works

You’ll put your blind faith and confidence in Pack Up + Go to expertly curate a long weekend tailored to your interests and budget.

Answer a 10-question survey — don’t worry; this is where your legwork starts and ends — and the team at Pack Up + Go then devises an expertly planned three-day jaunt complete with transportation and accommodations based on your answers.

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The travel agency takes into consideration your dates of travel, dietary needs, places you’ve already visited or are visiting soon, an idea of how you like to spend your time, your preferred mode of transportation — by plane, car or train — and budget. Trips start at $400 and extend to $5,000. Pack Up + Go plans your trip in four weeks.

Budget-minded travelers are in luck: Pack Up + Go reports that the average budget is a reasonable $791.

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What You’ll Get on Your Surprise Vacation

One week out from your trip into the unknown, you’ll get an email with the forecast and suggested items to pack. If your trip is by plane, you’ll get details on what time to arrive at the airport.

Perhaps the most quaint and nuanced element of the entire process is a physical envelope that arrives via snail mail. It contains the secret you’ve been longing to know: your destination. There’s nothing stopping you from opening up the envelope and ruining the surprise, but the company says that most travelers open their envelopes on the way to the airport. Also included is your curated itinerary — a healthy blend of tourist traps and recommended local spots designed to make customers “feel as though their oldest friend is showing them someplace new.”

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With a near-perfect customer satisfaction rating and 91 percent of customers reporting they would sign up again, it’s likely that your 72 hours to run free and explore might lead to your discovery of a new beloved American city.

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