Vacations To Go: Can You Really Book Cheap Last-Minute Travel?

Miami, FL, USA - January 7, 2021: Cruise ships stopped at the port due to the global crisis of the Coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19) in the Port of Miami, one of the busiest ports in the United States.
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There’s nothing like taking a cruise. Looking across the ocean with no land in sight, the amazing dining and amenities on the ship and the experiences around the world are exciting. 

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If you plan on taking a cruise, you’ll want the best price possible. After all, cruises can easily cost thousands of dollars. That’s where Vacations To Go comes in.  

Vacations To Go is a travel booking website that’s centered around finding low-cost cruise accommodations. The company’s website claims to offer the “world’s best last-minute cruise markdowns.” 

What Is Vacations To Go?

Vacations To Go is a travel website that’s centered around the cruise industry. The company lists last-minute cruises, or cruises that set sail within the next 90 days.

However, you’re not just limited to last-minute cruises on the website. You can also use it to find bargains on cruises you plan out further in advance. Simply use the “Find a Bargain” tool on the left sidebar of the company’s website. 

How To Use Vacations To Go

Follow these steps to use the Vacations To Go website to find and book your next cruise:

Step 1: Register for Vacations To Go

You have to register on the Vacations To Go website to see the company’s prices. Follow these steps to register:

  1. Navigate to the company’s website at 
  2. Click the “My Account” link at the top right corner of the website. 
  3. Click the registration link to fill out the form and create an account.
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Step 2: Start Your Search   

Next, it’s time to start searching for your perfect cruise. To do so, navigate back to the Vacations To Go homepage and follow these steps: 

  1. Locate the “Find a Bargain” Tool: The “Find a Bargain” tool is in the left sidebar of the website. Locate the tool to start your search.
  2. Choose a Cruise Time: Determine which months are best for you to set sail and choose those months in the dropdown menu at the top of the “Find a Bargain” tool.
  3. Choose a Cruise Line: Only do this if you have a specific cruise line in mind. If not, leave it blank to see all of the options.  
  4. Choose a Cruise Ship: If you want to sail on a specific ship, choose that ship next. If you’d like to see all your options, don’t choose a specific ship. 
  5. Choose the Number of Nights You Want To Cruise: This is the total number of nights you plan to spend on your vacation. 
  6. Choose the Departure Port: This is especially important if you want to depart for your cruise from a port that’s close to home. 
  7. Choose Your Destination: Select your destination or look at all of the available choices.     
  8. Choose the “Return to Same Port” Option: Use the “Return to Same Port” checkbox if you want to return to the port you sail out of. 
  9. Click “Show Me the Deals”: When you click “Show Me the Deals,” you’ll get a list of all the deals available within your search criteria. 

At this point, you can choose to book your cruise with Vacations To Go, or you can consider other options — and it may be wise to consider other options. 

Should You Book a Vacation With Vacations To Go?

Although Vacations To Go has an effective cruise search tool it may not be the best place to book your vacation. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t have the greatest online ratings. According to Consumer Affairs, the company has only earned1.4 stars out of a five-star rating based on 264 consumer reviews, with the vast majority of those consumers rating the company one star.

However, online booking services are notorious for poor service and bad consumer reviews. For example, has a 1.2-star review at Consumer Affairs.

Make Your Money Work for You

Nevertheless, poor reviews are often a cause for concern. As such, it may be best to use the Vacations To Go search tool as a means to find the vacation you’re looking for, then use your trusted travel agent or cruise agent to book your trip.   

Final Take

The bottom line is that there are few online tools available that are as effective at finding great deals on cruises as Vacations To Go. While the company may have poor reviews, and you may want to consider purchasing your cruise elsewhere, there’s no discounting the value of the tool from a planning perspective.

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