Parents Take to Twitter (Again) About Shortages in October’s Child Tax Credit Payment

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Many parents have come to count on an extra $250 or more mid-month, as the IRS issues Child Tax Credit advances on the 15th of each month through December 2021. But in September — and again this month — some parents noticed their CTC payments were short. The amounts deposited in taxpayers’ bank accounts are seemingly random, according to many parents on Twitter.

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For instance, @AdiCatMeows tweeted: “#Irs already screwing up the October child tax credit payments. Last month I got half of what I was supposed to, this month I got $114. Make it make sense @IRSnews.”

Scott Arcuri tweeted to @IRSNews: “Can anyone tell me why I only got $188 for the September child tax credit and for October I’m only getting $137? It’s supposed to be $300 not $188 and not $137. FIX IT!”

Likewise, Keith Costigan tweeted: “Why is my Child Tax credit short it is only for $252.00 and should be for $550 This is for the October 15th payment. Nothing has changed for me.”

He received several replies from other taxpayers who were shorted by the IRS this month and last month, but no word from @IRSNews.

Unfortunately, while @IRSNews is a verified site designed to help taxpayers understand and meet their tax responsibilities, according to their Twitter bio, the IRS doesn’t collect comments sent to the account. So, the tweets may not receive the attention they deserve from the government agency.

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@The9Maggots, aka Just Me, also took to Twitter for some insights, tweeting: “@IRSNews I’ve received the last 3 child tax credit payments. Would you know reasons why all the sudden October’s is saying pending and not eligible on the portal? I know you’re not the actual IRS, curious if you would’ve heard anything.”

@erykahdawn suggested joining one of the Facebook groups for Child Tax Credits, since “Those folks get answers by any means necessary.”

“Just Me” ultimately called the IRS and learned from a representative that it’s: “it’s happening to a lot of people.”

If you find your CTC for October is short — or hasn’t appeared at all — your best course of action is to record the amount you received, if any, and claim the remaining balance when you file your taxes. You’ll need to know exactly how much you received throughout the year, so you can claim the rest accurately.

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If you’d rather not play the “guessing game” of how much the IRS will deposit in your account next month, you can check the status of payments or opt out of receiving the next two payments by visiting the Child Tax Credit Update Portal on the IRS website.

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