Can I Still Get Child Tax Credit Payments?

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The fourth installment of this year’s child tax credit hit bank accounts on Oct. 15, but for Americans that have yet to sign up, there’s still time to get a check.

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Half of the full child tax credit benefit, $1,800, is available this year in six monthly payments. The other half will be available to be claimed next year during tax time. If you have not yet signed up for the credit at all, you are able to do so until Nov. 15 at midnight, EST.

While the IRS sign-up tools are no longer available, you can sign up for the child tax credit through the website set up through the Treasury Department in partnership with Code for America. The site is also available in Spanish, and also comes in a mobile-friendly format that allows users to more easily access the information.

If you sign up for the credit now, you will receive a larger, lump-sum check in November or December. The deadline to sign up for the credit and receive November’s payment is Nov. 1. That means if you sign up before Nov. 1, you will receive half of the benefit in two, separate checks — one in November and one in December. If you miss the deadline you will receive all of the benefits in one December check.

The full benefit amount will be available for each child aged 6 and under. Parents must meet eligibility criteria, like income thresholds. Income thresholds are $75,000 and under filing single and $150,000 and under filing jointly. The total benefit amount of $3,600 is available for each child aged 6 and under, meaning you could be receiving multiple payments for multiple children. The child tax credit for 2021 is fully refundable, meaning you will not need to pay it back, nor will you owe money in the future.

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It is also available to citizens whether or not they pay taxes or not, meaning if you make little to no income, you can still register for and qualify for the tax credit without having to worry about a tax bill later on. This is a special rule for this year only, as the refundable clause was implemented as part of the stimulus relief bill to help families that were affected by the pandemic.

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