Nevada State Taxes: Everything You Need to Know

Find out the Nevada tax rates on income, sales and property.

Taxpayers in Nevada must pay a larger percentage of their income than the average American. 2018 GOBankingRates study found that the average Nevada resident will pay over $11,000 in taxes each year, or about 21 percent of their annual earnings. That amount accounts for federal income taxes, state income taxes, sales taxes and property taxes.

So why do many Nevada residents end up paying more than a fifth of their income in taxes? Keep reading to find out more about Nevada’tax rates and how they might affect you.

Nevada State Taxes
Rate Range of Taxes 0% to 8.265%
Sales Tax Rate Range 6.85% to 8.265%
Income Tax Rate Range 0%
Inheritance and Estate Tax Rate Range 0%
Property Tax Rate Range 0.47% to 1.04%

Nevada State Personal Income Tax

Nevada is one of the seven states with no income tax, so the income tax rates, regardless of how much you make, are 0 percent. But the state makes up for this with a higher-than-average sales tax. Nevada has the 13th highest combined average state and local sales tax rate in the U.S., according to the Tax Foundation.

Nevada State Sales Tax

The general sales tax rate in Nevada is 6.85 percent statewide, but it does vary by county, as some impose a local sales tax as well:

Make Your Money Work
Local Sales Tax in Nevada
County Tax Rate
Carson 7.6%
Churchill 7.6%
Clark 8.25%
Douglas 7.1%
Elko 7.1%
Esmeralda 6.85%
Eureka 6.85%
Humboldt 6.85%
Lander 7.1%
Lincoln 7.1%
Lyon 7.1%
Mineral 6.85%
Nye 7.6%
Pershing 7.1%
Storey 7.6%
Washoe 8.265%
White Pine 7.725%

In Nevada, nearly all tangible personal property is taxable, including most goods, wares and merchandise. Services necessary to complete a sale are also taxable, with the exception of installation and repair services, transportation, shipping and postage charges if separately stated on the customer’s invoice.

The following items are not subject to sales tax in Nevada:

  • Unprepared food
  • Farm machinery and equipment
  • Newspapers
  • Interest, finance and carrying charges on credit sales

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Nevada Property Tax

Nevada property taxes vary by county, but the effective state property tax is 0.921 percent. Here’s a look at the property tax rate by county:

Local Property Tax in Nevada
County Tax Rate
Carson 0.70%
Churchill 0.79%
Clark 0.80%
Douglas 0.67%
Elko 0.58%
Esmeralda 0.63%
Eureka 0.47%
Humboldt 0.62%
Lander 0.84%
Lincoln 0.89%
Lyon 0.84%
Mineral 1.01%
Nye 0.92%
Pershing 1.04%
Storey 0.76%
Washoe 0.74%
White Pine 0.56%

Property values in Nevada are above the national average, according to Zillow, so Nevada residents might end up having to pay more in property taxes than the average American.

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Nevada Inheritance Tax and Estate Tax

Inheritance tax and estate tax refer to the taxes you must pay on property you receive from someone who is deceased. Like most states, Nevada does not have an estate tax or an inheritance tax.

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