Best NFT Drop Calendars to Follow and Help You Invest

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Non-fungible tokens are a popular way to buy and sell digital assets, such as music, artwork, in-game objects and videos, among other things. In 2021, NFT sales reached more than $17 billion.

These digital assets are generally one of a kind, or at least one of a very limited run, and are often bought and sold with cryptocurrency. Ownership is tracked on the blockchain, the same underlying software as many cryptocurrencies.

Because of the rarity of NFTs, many are quickly bought as soon as they are available, making them challenging to purchase at initial release. However, many NFT and cryptocurrency sites have an NFT drop calendar that announces upcoming NFT drops of these digital collectibles.

What Is an NFT Drop?

As the popularity of NFTs increases, investors must watch for the release of NFTs if they hope to purchase them at the initial release. An NFT drop is the specific time and date when an NFT will go on the market at a specified mint price for investors to buy.

Like any investment, NFTs can increase in price after the initial release, so an initial purchase at a drop can save collectors and help investors make money.

While there are several tools and strategies that NFT investors and collectors can use to track and purchase new NFTs, NFT drop calendars are one of the best for tracking and researching NFTs.

4 NFT Drop Calendars To Follow

While NFTs can be bought on a secondary market, the best time to buy is often at the initial drop. Because NFTs are sometimes rare — one of a kind or a limited run — an investor who wants to stay on top of NFT drops should follow NFT drop calendars that announce current and upcoming drops. Here are a few to consider.

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NFTCalendar claims to be the “first calendar in the NFT Universe.” It features well-known and new artists and creators and covers drops from various marketplaces and platforms.

Users can quickly sort this drop calendar for current and upcoming NFT drops. An investor interested in finding out if an NFT drops today can promptly go to and sort the feed for today’s drops. Users can also filter the calendar for upcoming, ongoing and newly listed drops.

Additionally, investors can find links to dozens of NFT marketplaces and information about NFT creators on NFTCalendar.

NFT Evening

NFT Evening’s drop calendar is ideal for researching upcoming NFTs. The calendar can be sorted by current or upcoming NFT drops and events, allowing users to sort by categories, such as drops or giveaways, and by blockchain.

Calendar listings also provide ample details about each NFT drop for easy research.

NFT Drops Calendar

NFT Drops Calendar allows investors to easily search drops and sort the results based on factors such as the mint date or price or the number of Twitter followers or Discord members a creator has.

It is also a good site for staying up to date on NFT giveaways and requirements for entry.’s calendar of upcoming NFT collections allows investors to view an NFT’s mint price, number of assets and other details. Users can sign up for the newsletter to receive the latest NFT drop announcements and news in their inbox.

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Other NFT Drop Calendars

Here are a few other NFT drop calendars that might be worth following:

  • Nifty Drops
  • Non-Fungi
  • NiftySelects


Staying current on upcoming NFT drops can help investors and collectors research NFTs and decide which might be a good buy before they drop. Following a reliable and extensive NFT drop calendar is an ideal way to stay informed.

As with any investment, NFT investors should avoid buying an NFT without thorough research, getting in on an NFT drop simply because it is affordable or buying more than they can afford. Investors and collectors alike should also watch out for NFT scams.


Here are some quick answers to popular questions about NFT drops.
  • What does NFT drop mean?
    • An NFT drop is the specific time and date when an NFT goes on the market at a specified mint price for purchase by investors and collectors.
  • How do I find out about NFT drops?
    • The best way to stay up to date on current and upcoming NFT drops is to follow several NFT drop calendars and subscribe to newsletters of sites that track and announce NFT drops.

Information is accurate as of July 13, 2022.


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