Trump’s $13B Space Force Could Produce 13,000 Jobs

See how your tax dollars could fund Trump's Space Force.

President Donald Trump’s Space Force, the polarizing proposed sixth military branch, comes with a price tag of $12.9 billion over five years, according to a detailed document from the U.S. Air Force.

Earlier this year, the Trump administration proposed plans for a Space Force, which would consolidate all space-related responsibilities spread throughout the different military branches into one, and asked Congress to fund the project that would cost billions.

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US Space Force Could Mean More Jobs and Taxes

The memo, authored on Sept. 14, 2018, estimated that the proposed branch could create 13,000 jobs for the “Department of the Space Force.”

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Before you think a Han Solo blaster will be standard issue for all Space Force enlistees, the threat level of interplanetary war is low. Critics cite that the U.S. Space Force would add to the bureaucratic red tape in addition to government duplicative efforts. The U.S. military isn’t quick to release plan details, but the Space Force presents some overlap with the responsibilities under the Air Force’s command. The Space Force would also be separate from NASA’s purview.

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According to a legislative timeline, a physical Space Force headquarters could be built as early as 2020 — all predicated on Congress’ vote.

Considering the U.S. defense budget is already stretched thin, critics are skeptical about how funding will be secured, but the incorporation and sustained service of a new military branch all but guarantees a tax hike for Americans.

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