What Women Want: Study Shows Wage Gap Is Still a Top Priority for Female Job Seekers

Women put more importance on salary than men.
  • LinkedIn’s gender insights report breaks down the difference between how men and women apply for jobs.
  • Salary and qualifications are among the most important factors that influence whether a woman applies for a job.
  • Women are more likely than men to get a job once they apply for it.

LinkedIn released its gender insights report, which breaks down the difference between how men and women find jobs, on March 5. The report analyzed how people browsed jobs, interacted with recruiters and how likely they were to be hired after applying.

One of the key takeaways from the report: Salary is the most important information contained in a job description, but more so for women than men. Sixty-eight percent of women said this information is important, compared to 58 percent of men. This indicates that the wage gap is still a significant factor in how women pursue jobs. Men, though less interested in salary, were more interested than women in long-term career opportunities, which could indicate they’re more comfortable with their salary prospects.

Here are some other takeaways from the report.

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Women Pick Jobs More Selectively

The report found that women apply to 20 percent fewer jobs than men. The report indicated that, according to research, “women feel they need to meet 100 percent of the criteria while men usually apply after meeting about 60 percent.”

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Recruiters View Men’s Profiles More Frequently

The report revealed that recruiters are 13 percent less likely to click on a woman’s LinkedIn profile when it comes up.

“An important part of achieving gender balance at work is addressing unconscious bias in the sourcing process,” the report stated. “However, after recruiters review a candidate’s profile, they find women to be as qualified as men and reach out to both genders at a similar rate.”

Still, it’s troubling that recruiters grant women less access to job opportunities, even if the reach-out rate is similar for both men and women.

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Women Are More Likely to Get Hired (Once They Apply)

Women do have a certain edge over men, however, when it comes to getting jobs. Once women apply for a position, they are 16 percent more likely than men to get it. And that number increases to 18 percent if that job is for a more senior role.

“If women only apply when they feel extremely qualified, it makes sense that they’d have a higher success rate,” the report stated.

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