The Election Is Tight, but Trump Is Winning on Amazon

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President Donald Trump might not be able to claim that he beat former Vice President Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election (though we still don’t yet know for sure), but in any scenario, he can fairly allege that he is beating Biden on Amazon. According to new data from Helium 10, a research firm for Amazon vendors, Trump merch is a hot commodity, while Biden merch is met with comparatively middling demand.   

Fox Business reported that Helium 10 tracked 322,191 searches for the keyword “Trump” compared to 40,204 searches for the keyword “Biden,” though it did not specify the time period over which these searches occurred. Along with that, over the past 30 days, there have been over 2 million searches for Trump-related products, compared to around 800,000 for Biden-related products. The most searched Trump items over the last month are “Trump hat” (126,018 searches), “Trump shirt” (116,191 searches) and “Trump 2020” (104,474 searches). Top Biden searches used the keywords “Biden Harris 2020 yard sign” (67,845 searches), “Biden Harris shirt” (36,444 searches) and “Biden Harris flag” (30,786 searches).

Trump merchandise, which has taken on a “MAGA” life of its own in recent years, has been a powerful marketing tool for Trump since his initial presidential campaign took off in 2016. In November 2016, Buzzfeed reported that Trump’s presidential campaign spent more money on hats ($3.2 million) than it did on polling ($1.8 million), but even so, the demand for the iconic red MAGA hat surpassed inventory. Unauthorized sellers seized the opportunity to make Trump-related swag and cash in on the fevered trend. Could the iconic fire engine red MAGA hat become a collector’s item? There are probably far too many of them out there (and they’re too easy to dupe) for such a fate. Additionally, even if Trump loses the election, there’s no reason to think he or his supporters will die down in their support. We might see more variety though; Trump has suggested updating the slogan though to “Make America Great Again Again” so that he can “sell you another hat.”

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