How Can You Support Your Favorite Local Salon?

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As the old adage goes, when you look good, you feel good. In many cases, there’s a fantastic local salon behind your confidence-boosting look, and you want to support them in every way you can.

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This is important, because the salon industry is highly competitive. Specifically, there are 979,236 hair salons in the U.S., according to IBISWorld.

While the number of businesses in the hair salon industry has remained steady over the past five years, the market size — measured by revenue — declined an average of 0.3% per year, which is faster than the U.S. economy overall. Specifically, the market size of the industry is $48.3 billion in 2022, compared with nearly $47 billion in 2017.

Since you’re a loyal customer, you want to do everything you can to help your favorite salon outshine its competitors and make 2022 its best year yet. Here are five easy ways to show your support and help the talented hair and nail professionals responsible for your look boost their salon revenue.

Purchase Products at the Salon

If you’re like many people, you look closely at the products your stylist uses, then go online and try to find them for a cheaper price than sold in the salon. However, skipping this step and just buying these items from the salon really helps the business out.

“There is a lot of time spent by stylists educating themselves on which products are best for their clients’ hair,” said Dawna Jarvis, who previously owned a hair salon in Manchester, N.H., and now works as a business growth strategist. “It’s always disappointing when we spend time educating our clients on products only for them to order them on Amazon instead.”

Make Your Money Work Better for You

These products might cost a few extra dollars at the salon; but, if you can swing it, you won’t regret purchasing them there.

“Many clients are unaware that Amazon and Ulta are also distributors, so they can buy products even cheaper than your local salon,” she said. “They are essentially double-dipping, in my opinion.”

Make Referrals

Finding a great new salon isn’t always easy, so people appreciate personal recommendations from clients who have actually received their services. You might not think anything of crediting your favorite salon when you receive a compliment about your pretty hair color or perfectly polished pedicure, but doing so can literally put money in these talented professionals’ pockets.

“Don’t be afraid to brag about your hair to your friends and family,” Jarvis said. “The best way to grow your business is through referrals.”

Provide Social Proof

It seems just about everyone is on social media.

The best way to support your favorite local salon is to provide proof you were there and are pleased with the results, said Alexis Taylor, an associate marketing consultant with Clicksuasion Labs, a North Carolina marketing agency that represents a local salon and spa.

“Clients should post pictures of the services they received on social media and tag the business,” she said. “They can also post directly to the salon’s social media pages.”

Showcase Before and After Looks on Social Media

Taking your social media support a step further, Caitlin Cascade, founder of Atlanta Social Media Superstars, suggested taking pictures of yourself before heading into the salon for an appointment — even if you don’t like the way you look. After you’re in the chair, she said, you can capture a bit of the salon experience.

Make Your Money Work Better for You

“Maybe it’s the glass of Champagne they offer you, or some colorful banter you have in the morning,” she said. “Either way, giving a little bit of the behind-the-scenes look will let people see that there (are) real humans behind the salon.”

Of course, when their work is done, you’ll want to showcase the results.

“A well put together before-and-after social media post can send dozens of customers to your favorite salon,” Cascade said. “Just make sure to tag them when you post.”

Leave a Glowing Review

You already know the power of making a referral, but Cascade advised spreading your support even farther by posting a review to Google, Yelp or other review sites.

“This small step will only take you a minute or two, but reviews for salons in major cities can be seen by thousands of individuals per month,” she said. “If you’re looking to give back or drive business to your favorite hair salon to keep them open, providing positive feedback for other potential customers to see on the internet is one of the most effective ways to support them.”

So there you have it: What might seem like a small gesture to you could actually help your favorite salon remain successful. Taking these quick and easy steps is a great way to say thank you for providing you with a look that makes you feel like your best self.

Make Your Money Work Better for You

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