Currency Exchange Near Me: Find Locations Nearby

Currency exchanges help customers swap one type of currency for another. To be able to legally exchange money, these businesses must be licensed. Currency exchanges make a profit by charging fees and taking advantage of bid-ask spreads.

Be wary of exchange shops that have very high fees or use wide bid-ask spreads — it may not be worth exchanging currency at a location that charges less or has better rates. If you need to check or compare rates, you can search the internet for the latest numbers or you can call an exchange stop ahead of your visit.

There are many currency exchange locations in every city, and there’s likely to be one near you. Aside from standalone currency exchange shops, you can also exchange currency at airport kiosks, hotels, resorts and banks.

Money Exchange Locations Near Me

The best way to find currency exchanges nearby is by using Google maps. You can click and drag the map to move it around, zoom in on a specific region, or use the full-size map to do a more in-depth search.

If you need to exchange your money for cryptocurrency at a physical location, you will have to search for cryptocurrency exchanges and ATMs instead.

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Alternatives to Currency Exchanges

  1. Use ATMs: Many international credit and debit cards allow you to withdraw money from ATMs, which will be located in many areas, especially near banks and airports.
  2. Pay with credit cards: While foreign transaction fees can be high, there are many credit cards with deals especially for travelers. If you have one of these with reasonable fees, you can just use a credit card instead of carrying cash.
  3. Exchange money at hotels: Many large hotels now offer currency exchange, but fees tend to be much higher.
  4. Exchange money at banks: Although limited in exchange services, banks are some of the best places to exchange currency due to their reliability and lower fees. You’ll have to make sure to check if the bank offers the service though as not a lot do. The service may be more prevalent in tourism-heavy areas.

Banks, ATMs and Other Services Nearby

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Information is accurate as of Aug. 10, 2022.