As Anxiety at the Grocery Store Mounts, Over Half of US Shoppers Demand Supply Chain Transparency

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Most consumers are well aware of supply chain issues plaguing stores, which make it more difficult to obtain certain items. But a new study from Oracle found that Americans fear long-lasting affects from supply chain disruptions and want transparency from their favorite retailers and brands regarding the situation.

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Gone are the days when you could run into a grocery store or favorite soft goods retailer and find the exact items you want without a second thought. Today, 44% of people report feeling stress or anxiety while shopping due to not being able to find the items they need, and 62% are fearful that out-of-stock items will disrupt their future plans. In fact, 82% of people foresee supply change disruptions, as a whole, ruining future birthdays, holidays or trips.

Amid all this doubt, most people don’t see positive changes on the horizon, either. Ninety-two percent of those polled said they believe more disruptions are coming, and 66% think these challenges might never end. While people understand the reasoning behind the issues, 80% of consumers said that shortages and delays could force them to cut ties with their favorite brands.

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Make Your Money Work for You

With so much anger, anxiousness and frustration tied to supply chain issues, what consumers really want is more transparency from their favorite brands. Sixty-three percent of consumers polled said they want “more regular updates” on shipping status, while 59% said they want more transparency on inventory available and 54% said they want to know about potential supply chain issues.

Consumers also want brands to put money behind their words. In the survey, 56% of people said they wanted discounts if their items were delayed or cancelled, and 52% said they would be happy with discounts for delayed purchases.

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Consumers are willing to adapt to supply chain issues in several ways. The survey showed 91% of people plan to change their buying behavior to ensure they have the items they need. The most common adaptations include:

  • Buying in bulk and stocking up on items (49%)
  • Purchasing gifts earlier to accommodate delays (45%)
  • Paying closer attention to shortages of staple items in their household (40%)
Make Your Money Work for You

With the major holidays on the horizon, shoppers should plan for delays by starting their shopping early, consider online buy-sell-trade groups for some hard-to-get items and make contingency plans if a gift is not available.

Last updated: October 12, 2021

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