Over Half of Americans Need $1,400 Stimulus to Pay Basic Expenses

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As progressive Democrats in Congress begin their campaign for a fourth round of stimulus payments, Americans say they are dependent on the third, $1,400 stimulus to feel secure about their financial situation and make ends meet. The data comes from a recent survey by fintech banking developer MX Technologies. 

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One-Quarter Are Insecure About Financial Situation, While Half Plan on Spending Stimulus

The survey asked over 1,000 Americans with a wide range of incomes about their plans for the latest $1,400 stimulus payment from the American Rescue Plan. Of the respondents, just over half said the proposed payment wouldn’t be enough to cover monthly household living expenses. 

Over 50% said they were planning to either spend their entire amount or save at least a portion of it. Just under 44% said they were planning on using the money towards their housing, rent and utilities, while one-fourth said they would put it towards paying down credit cards. An additional 20% said they would use their money to pay down either student loans or medical debt. 

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Moreover, more respondents say their households would continue to struggle without the $1,400 stimulus money coming in. While one-in-four say they would feel insecure about their financial situation, 10% to 13% say that without additional help, they would have a difficult time paying for housing (13.86%), credit card bills (13.37%) or groceries (10.32%). 

Congress Delegation Says More Stimulus Money Is Needed to Support Economy

The latest survey data comes as delegations from the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate say additional funds to Americans are needed. In separate letters to the White House, over 60 Senate and House members are asking for an additional release of funds to qualified individuals. 

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