Here’s Why I Quiet Quit My Job

Passed over for promotion.
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“Quiet quitting” has been one of the biggest workplace buzzwords of 2023.

For those unfamiliar with its meaning, Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace Report defines it as the psychological disengagement from the workplace. An employee may be physically present in the office or logged on while working remotely, but lacks connection to their job and employer. Many quiet quitters may feel as though they do not receive opportunities to learn or grow, recognition for their hard work or support from their colleagues or managers. According to Gallup, nearly six in 10 employees said they fell into the category of quiet quitting. 

Compared to the spontaneous nature of quitting on the spot, quiet quitting is often much more premeditated. GOBankingRates spoke to chef Norah Clark, who shared her story about why she quiet quit her job in 2023.

‘I started to feel overlooked and undervalued.’

Norah Clark is an experienced chef in hotels and restaurants worldwide. When GOBankingRates spoke to Clark in August 2023, she was in the process of quiet quitting her previous role as a sous chef at a bustling restaurant. 

Clark, who began her career as a full-time food blogger and writer, returned to restaurants after missing the hustle and bustle of the kitchen that had always excited her. At first, she felt integral to the team. Gradually, however, the kitchen dynamics started to change.

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When new management took over, Clark said it seemed like the emphasis had shifted from crafting quality dishes and employee development to “cranking out” meals and increasing profit margins.

Clark said she started to feel overlooked and undervalued. One specific issue was the restaurant’s lack of salary reviews coupled with unrealistic expectations for Clark’s dish output. All of this led her to reevaluate her position.

Opting for a Slow Disengagement

Instead of quitting on the spot, Clark said she opted for a slow disengagement.

“I continued to perform my tasks efficiently, but I dialed back on going the extra mile — efforts that often seemed ignored or underappreciated,” Clark said.

At the time she was slowly disengaging, Clark said she was concurrently mapping out her future. She told us she was seeking out another restaurant or a smaller venue with a better work environment and room for advancement.

Since August 2023, Clark has used quiet quitting to her advantage. She moved on to become the chef and editor-in-chief at Boyd Hampers, which acquired her food blog YummyTasteFood in 2023.

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