The 1 Thing Grant Cardone Does Every Day To Stay Rich

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Grant Cardone is known for his real estate investing expertise, sales training, and relentless ambition. He’s an influential entrepreneur and motivational speaker.

With a multi-million-dollar business empire, best-selling books, and a robust social media presence, Cardone’s success is undeniable. But what’s the secret to his consistent drive and accomplishments? One thing he often discusses is his dedication to waking up early. This is a practice he believes plays a pivotal role in building wealth and achieving success.

Seizing the Morning for Success

Cardone often talks about “beating the sun up.” He says getting into the habit of rising before the sun can help you achieve great things.

Waking up early is a common trait among many successful people, but for Cardone, it’s not just about beating the sun. It’s a strategic decision to gain an advantage over his competition and maximize productivity. By starting his day before most, Cardone claims he gets a head start, harnesses the fresh energy of the morning, and creates momentum that propels him throughout the day.

“I’m going to beat the sun up every morning so that I have discipline and control over my life,” said Cardone in a video on his YouTube channel. “So, I knew before [the sun comes up], I’m going to [get up]. I’m going to get out of bed, depend on myself, and get up at the same time every day. It gives me a sense of control over my own life.”

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Setting the Tone for Success

The early hours, according to Cardone, are crucial for setting intentions and goals. Without the distractions that come later in the day–such as emails, calls, and meetings–these quiet moments are perfect for reflection, planning, and visualization. Cardone believes that how you start your day largely dictates how the rest of it will go. By waking up early, he positions himself in a proactive rather than reactive state, ready to seize opportunities and tackle challenges.

“The first thing that I had to do in my life was not learn a new skill,” said Cardone in his video. “The first thing I had to do to get my life moving in the right direction was self-development.”

Health, Wellness, and Mental Clarity

But it’s not all business first thing in the morning. Cardone often talks about the importance of physical health as a foundation for success in other areas of life. By waking up early, he carves out time for physical activities, whether it’s hitting the gym or simply taking a morning walk. This commitment to physical well-being ensures he has the stamina to endure the demands of his hectic schedule and the mental clarity to make sharp, informed decisions.

Maximizing Time To Build Wealth

One of Cardone’s core wealth-building principles is the idea of “10X”–taking actions that are 10 times greater than what most people would do. By waking up early, he effectively “10Xs” his time. Those extra hours, compounded over days, months, and years, translate into a vast amount of additional time for personal development, business strategies, and networking. In the world of real estate and sales, where opportunities are time-sensitive, being ahead of the curve can mean the difference between seizing a lucrative deal or missing out.

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Consistency Is Key

Cardone’s commitment to waking up early isn’t an occasional endeavor–it’s a consistent practice. He understands that success and wealth building requires consistent actions over time. Just as he approaches his investments with a long-term view, he sees waking up early as a long-term investment in himself and his success. The cumulative benefits of this daily discipline contribute significantly to his overall productivity, mindset, and, ultimately, his wealth.

A Lesson for Aspiring Wealth Builders

Cardone’s approach to waking up early provides a valuable lesson for anyone aiming to build wealth and achieve great success. It’s not just about the act of waking up early but about what you do with that time. It’s an opportunity to lead rather than follow, set the tone for the day, invest in yourself, and expand your horizons.

Cardone believes success is the result of discipline, hard work, and taking the right actions. For him, one of those right actions is greeting the day before most of the world does. While not everyone might be suited for the early bird lifestyle, Cardone’s journey offers a powerful testament to the potential benefits of rising with the dawn.

There are many paths to success and wealth building. While waking up early is not the only way to achieve success, it certainly offers a distinct advantage. As Cardone demonstrates, it’s about making the most of every moment, starting with the first moments of the day.

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