Rachel Cruze: 15 Things To Sell in Your Home To Make Money

One helpful approach to making money quickly is to sell items in your home. Many people do this by hosting garage sales, reselling gently used clothing on platforms like Poshmark or by uploading listings of items for sale onto Facebook Marketplace. The amount of money earned can be put toward reaching financial goals like paying off debt.

Wonder if you’re missing out on any other everyday items at home to sell for extra cash? Personal finance expert Rachel Cruze addressed this topic on her YouTube channel and recommended selling these 15 items in your home to make money

1. Old Televisions

If you have an extra television in good condition, Cruze said you can still make money from selling it. 

This is true of even older television models. Cruze uses the example of how she spotted a 2005 Toshiba TV on eBay on sale for $150. 

2. Computers

Much like televisions, it’s possible someone is interested in purchasing your old computer. However, Cruze said the computer must be in good condition for a successful sale.

3. Cell Phones

If you recently upgraded your smartphone, consider selling the old model. How much can you get for selling one? According to Cruze, a preowned, unlocked iPhone 6s in good condition sold on eBay can sell from anywhere between $75 to $114. 

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The sales aren’t just limited to smartphones either. Older cell phones in good condition attract buyers, too. Cruze also spotted a Nokia flip phone for sale on eBay for $66.

4. Unused Gift Cards

Another way to make money is by selling any unused gift cards you have at home. 

However, there are a lot of gift card scams running rampant online. These scams can make it difficult for strangers to get on board with purchasing the gift cards you have for sale, even if you’re a reputable seller. The best approach is to take the gift cards you do have at home and turn their unused balances into cash. According to CNBC, you can do this on reputable websites like Raise and CardCash and pick your payout method.

5. Vinyl Records and Turntables

Vintage records and turntables in great condition are always hot items to sell for money. Cruze recommends doing your research on the artist, the year and the type of record you plan to sell to see if it’s rare. 

6. Furniture 

If you have some furniture you don’t use in your basement or garage, consider selling it. This is especially true of bigger pieces which may be bulky and taking up a lot of space.

“Furniture is a great source of cash if it’s in good, quality condition,” said Cruze, adding you may be able to make a little more money off of any furniture made in the 1980s or 1990s.

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7. Vintage Clothes

Search the closets of older family members (with their permission to do so, of course) and see if there are any vintage clothes you can sell. Who knows: You might find designer threads with a significantly high resale value.

8. Musical Instruments 

If your kids tried playing a musical instrument, like a guitar or drums, and gave up after a few practices, chances are you still have these instruments stored in your home. 

Consider pricing and selling them. Cruze said guitars and drums which are in good condition can sell for over $100.

9. Jewelry

A common misconception of selling jewelry is thinking you can only do it if you have something valuable to sell, like diamonds or gold. This is not true. 

Cruze recommends looking at your watches, chains and charm bracelets. Whatever jewelry you decide to sell should not be sentimental pieces or anything you frequently wear. 

10. Books

After conducting a quick Google search, you may be surprised to find out how much the books in your home are worth. You can sell them on platforms like Pangobooks, Mercari and eBay — or if you’re OK accepting a lower price, take them down to your local bookstore and see what they’ll pay you for them.

11. Typewriters

Like selling vinyl records and turntables, typewriters are a trendy, vintage item worth selling if they’re in good condition. 

12. Kids’ Toys

Think less actual toys and more collectible merchandise. Some of these items may include, but are not limited to, Pokémon cards, Barbie dolls, action figures and comic books. Do your research to see what each item is worth and set your prices accordingly. Cruze said bonus points go to households with vintage video games or arcade games which are in high demand with sellers.

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13. Old Coins

If you want to unload old, rare coins, it is best to do it with places which allow you to convert the coins into spendable cash. Some of GOBankingRates’ recommendations include Heritage Auctions, Stack’s Bowers Galleries or by making a visit to your local coin dealer.

14. VHS Tapes and Cassette Tapes

Chances are high your home has at least a box or two of these tapes lying around. Consider selling them to buyers who collect these tapes.

15. Any Other Vintage or Antique Items

According to Cruze, anything older than 20 years is considered vintage and may be worth a lot of cash. Anything over 100 years is considered an antique and may be worth even more money. 

However, you don’t need to have a lot (or any) vintage items in your home to make money. If you have a lot of good-quality items in your home you don’t use and are willing to sell them, doing so can help you earn extra money.

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