8 Ways To Get Paid To Watch Netflix in 2024

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In the days of simple television, you and your family could gather around one TV screen weekly to watch your favorite show in real time. The marketing and advertising at that time may have seemed more subliminal. Today, you can use marketing to your advantage and earn cash to binge-watch movies or TV shows. Keep reading to learn how.

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How To Get Paid To Watch Netflix: 8 Easy Ways

Whether it is an actual Netflix job or a part-time side hustle, there are several clever ways to get paid just by watching shows and movies you would have binge-watched anyway. So pop some popcorn and make sure your streaming device is charged because here are eight ways to make money by watching shows and movies on Netflix.

  1. Work as a Netflix tagger
  2. Viggle tracking 
  3. Start a review blog
  4. Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel
  5. Participate in affiliate marketing
  6. Closed captioning 
  7. Start a YouTube channel or podcast
  8. Rewards sites

1. Work as a Netflix Tagger 

When you hear the description of the Netflix tagger job, you may think it sounds made up. But it is real and perfect for those who love consuming Netflix content. You could be a tagger, or metadata analyst, and work directly for the company by watching your favorite shows or movies and then applying suitable tags.

Tags allow Netflix to appropriately classify and describe the content of any given program. Here are some examples of different tags that can be applied for content description:

  • Genre
  • Language
  • Adult content
  • Violence level
  • Profanity
  • Cast and crew

A majority of Netflix tagging jobs are part time, which is perfect for making some extra income as a side gig. The company will typically list any open positions on the job openings page of the website.

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2. Viggle Tracking 

The Viggle app is designed to help TV networks and other brands target and reach a potential sustainable audience. To do so, they need help with market research, and here is where you come in.

By allowing Viggle to track your Netflix sessions, you can earn points, which are then redeemable for rewards or gift cards. You earn one point for every minute you binge-watch Netflix. You can start now by following these steps:

  1. Download the Viggle app.
  2. Log in to Viggle before you open Netflix.
  3. Viggle will verify you are watching.
  4. Earn points by watching videos.
  5. Earn bonus points by watching featured content.
  6. Redeem points for rewards or gift cards.

3. Start a Review Blog 

Diving down the infinite rabbit hole of streaming content can be overwhelming. Sometimes you feel like all you do is scroll through. You aren’t alone in this feeling, and because of this, starting a review blog about different suggestions for what to watch can turn into a lucrative online business. 

Starting a review blog might not yield income immediately but has potential in the long run. You could even monetize your site by running ads or featuring sponsored content. Simply think of what and how you search for content and write articles or listicles about it. Here are some examples that could draw people to your review blog:

  • “10 Best Romantic Comedies Now on Netflix”
  • “The Scariest Murder Documentaries To Watch on Netflix”
  • “What ’90s Sitcoms To Binge on Netflix”

4. Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel

When it comes to ratings, Nielsen has been a prominent figure in breaking down television data. By installing the Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel on your laptop or desktop computer, the company can track your internet usage and patterns of consumption. Though this is an indirect way of getting paid to watch Netflix, it is still a viable one if you watch a lot of content on your computer. Here is how to get started:

  1. Download the Computer and Mobile Panel software.
  2. Get paid $50 per year for letting Nielsen track your data.
  3. Get automatically entered into a $10,000 sweepstakes that draws monthly.
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5. Participate in Affiliate Marketing 

Many different companies offer ways to become affiliate marketers. Becoming an affiliate means you use special links to big companies such as Netflix and earn commissions for completing certain tasks or when various actions take place.

You are not responsible for creating products or services. You are simply sharing information about them with others, and earning commission while doing it. 

6. Closed Captioning 

Though Netflix does not exclusively hire you to add closed captioning to movies or TV shows, this can be a great part-time or even potentially a full-time job. Closed captioning means transcribing movies, television shows or other content you watch.

You would sign up through a third party and would be offered a variety of streaming services that need closed captioning. Netflix jobs should pop up occasionally, giving you the perfect opportunity to get paid while watching Netflix shows.

7. Start a YouTube Channel or Podcast 

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well, especially with so many broadcast, internet and social media opportunities presenting themselves. Here are some examples of how you can start your own side business by watching Netflix:

  • YouTube channel: Create a YouTube channel dedicated to reviewing and outlining the Netflix shows and movies you watch. By creating opinion pieces on subjects such as “The Best Things To Watch on Netflix” or “Top 10 New Releases,” you could gain a following. If you gain a large enough audience, you can then earn money by running ads on your channel.
  • Podcast: Streaming content is a subject near and dear to many people. If you start a podcast dedicated to Netflix streaming suggestions and are able to grow your audience, you could also make money through ad revenue.
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8. Rewards Sites 

There is a technical difference between getting paid to watch Netflix and earning money while watching Netflix, but it boils down to the same thing. Many rewards sites offer mindless tasks to do to earn points, such as watching videos, playing games or filling out surveys. If you are someone who likes doing online activities while watching Netflix, you should check out the following:

Final Take To GO

If you are someone who streams a lot of content or simply likes watching movies and shows, consider exploring some options to get paid to watch Netflix. It’s an easy way to make some extra cash on the side doing something you already enjoy. Sometimes easy money can feel like free money. 


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