How To Sell on Facebook Marketplace

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People who want to pick up extra cash might want to learn how to sell on Facebook Marketplace as a way to supplement their income. Like Craigslist, sellers can list items on Facebook Marketplace for free.

The platform also allows users to sell and ship items to anyone in the U.S. — similar to selling on eBay. Facebook processes the payments for shipped items and charges a 5% selling fee, but those who sell a lot online might find this platform an excellent place to generate additional sales.

This guide explains how to sell on Facebook Marketplace, whether you’re creating a free listing or a fee-based one.

What Is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace is a feature of Facebook that enables users to buy and sell products locally or nationally. Users can buy and sell pre-owned and new items and filter their results by category, price and location. 

As with Craigslist and eBay, Facebook users can buy and sell almost anything. Facebook does have some exclusions for what can be sold on the platform. Prohibited items are listed in Facebook Marketplace’s commerce policy.

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Facebook users can access Facebook Marketplace online or using the Facebook mobile app.

How To Sell on Facebook Marketplace

Sellers must have an active Facebook account to use Facebook Marketplace. Those who don’t have a Facebook account can create one by going to Facebook.com or downloading the Facebook app and selecting “Create Account.”

To create a Facebook Marketplace listing, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Facebook and select “Marketplace.”
  2. Select “Item for Sale.”
  3. Enter the following information:
    • Up to 10 photos of the item
    • A title for the listing
    • The price of the item (enter 0 to list the item for free)
    • The category and subcategory in which the item best fits
    • The item’s condition: new, like new, used or fair
    • A description of the item
    • Any optional fields that Facebook provides based on the category and item
  4. Click “Next.” If the button is grayed out, one of the required fields is missing information.
  5. Enter the following information on the “Delivery method” screen:
    • The delivery method: shipping only, local pickup only or both
    • The shipping method: prepaid USPS label, or seller can create a label
    • Any other fields as prompted
  6. Click “Next.”
  7. Select any Buy and Sell groups to post the listing in addition to Marketplace.
  8. Click “Publish” to make the listing live.

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What Does It Mean To Boost a Marketplace Listing?

When setting up a listing, a seller can opt to boost the listing. For a fee, Facebook will show the listing as an advertisement in users’ feeds and other locations on Facebook.

What Is a Facebook Buy and Sell Group?

A Facebook Buy and Sell group is a regular Facebook group in which members can buy from and sell to others in the group. Items listed in Buy and Sell groups do not appear in the Marketplace, but items listed in the Marketplace can also be added to Buy and Sell groups.

How Shipping Works on Facebook Marketplace

When selling locally, sellers get paid by buyers directly when the item is picked up. When sellers must ship items, Facebook uses a payment processing service to facilitate the transaction. Sellers can choose to buy a prepaid USPS label through Marketplace or create their own label and ship through a preferred shipper.

On Marketplace, the buyer pays the shipping costs. Facebook charges the seller a 5% selling fee for shipped items to cover the cost of payment processing and purchase protection.

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Once an item sells, if the seller chooses a prepaid label as the shipping method, they will receive an email with a printable USPS label. Sellers have three days to ship the package, whether using a prepaid label or creating their own.

How To Set Up Shipping on Facebook Marketplace

To use the shipping feature on Marketplace and receive processed payments from Facebook, sellers must first set up their payment information. The first time a seller creates a listing and selects “shipping” as a delivery method, they will be prompted to set up the following payment information:

How To Get Paid When Selling Shipped Items

Facebook uses a third-party payment processing service to collect the cost of the item and the shipping from the buyer.

Sellers who choose to use their own shipping method must mark an item as shipped and enter a tracking number to receive payment. For sellers who purchase a prepaid label on Marketplace, the tracking number is automatically entered into the system and marked as shipped.

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Depending on the processing time of the seller’s bank, the money from the sale is typically deposited in the seller’s account within 20 days.


Learning how to sell on Facebook Marketplace is pretty straightforward. Whether creating a listing online or using the mobile app, the interface is user-friendly and prompts sellers through the creation process. Some may find the 5% selling fee for shipped items a bit steep, but those who can figure that cost into an item’s listing price could make a pretty penny selling on Facebook Marketplace.

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Here are some quick answers to commonly asked questions about selling on Facebook Marketplace.
  • Is it easy to sell on Facebook Marketplace as a beginner?
    • The Facebook Marketplace platform is user-friendly and prompts users through the listing process — from entering information to uploading photos. Anyone familiar with selling on other platforms should have no problem using the Marketplace interface.
  • How much does it cost to sell on Facebook Marketplace?
    • There are no fees to sell locally on Facebook Marketplace. For selling items that must be shipped, Facebook charges a 5% fee.
  • How do I sell through Facebook Marketplace?
    • Sellers must join Facebook to sell through Marketplace. Facebook members can access the Marketplace from their browser or in the Facebook app and create listings for items they wish to sell.
  • Is selling on Facebook Marketplace worth it?
    • Facebook Marketplace does not charge any fees for selling locally. So it certainly can be worth the time to set up local listings on the platform. There is a 5% selling fee for shipped items, so sellers should factor that into the selling price to make it worth the cost.

Lydia Kibet contributed to the reporting for this article.

Information is accurate as of July 18, 2022.