Canceled / Voided Car Warranty Series: The Effect of Aftermarket Parts

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Canceled & Voided Car Warranty Series: Chapter 2 of 3

To save money on their car maintenance, many people choose to buy aftermarket parts instead of those directly made by the original auto manufacturer (OEM). But by saving money in the short term by purchasing less expensive parts, are you putting yourself at risk for the long term by risking your car warranty be canceled?

Consumer Warranty Protection

Because of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, the answer is no. The act was established in 1975 and governs all warranty information in the nation, and prevents the voiding of warranties unless the manufacturer provides the part for free or the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has specifically published that only the vehicle’s manufactured products may be used.

Owner’s Manual

Many owners do not take the time to read through their owner’s manual to understand the proper servicing of their vehicle to prevent voided warranties. Even though the Magnuson-Moss Warranty act is in place, you should not take it for granted and fully educate yourself on the details of your warranty protection. Read on to learn which manufacturers currently have the best warranties.

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