Starbucks Just Made Your Morning Joe About 10% Pricier

Starbucks menu prices have gone up three times in three years.

It’s been a big two weeks for the largest coffee chain in the world. Last week, about 8,000 company-owned Starbucks stores closed for a mandatory racial bias training for 175,000 employees. On Monday, Howard Schultz, Starbucks’ executive chairman, announced his decision to leave the company at the end of June — and many suspect it’s to use his large net worth to launch a presidential campaign. And Thursday morning, the company raised its prices for the third time in three years.

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Customers can expect to pay between 10 cents and 20 cents more on all sizes of brewed coffee in the majority of stores across the country, according to the Wall Street Journal. Some have already taken to Twitter to complain about what they see as an unfair 10 percent price hike.

This means the price of your tall — that’s 12 ounces in Starbucks-speak — brewed coffee now ranges from $1.95 to $2.15. For now, prices on most other beverages the chain sells haven’t been increased.

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“Starbucks continually evaluates pricing on a product-by-product and market-by-market basis,” the company said in a statement to Fortune. Starbucks claims its price hikes are on par with industry competitors and inflation.

A spokesperson for the company made it clear that the price increase had no relationship to May’s racial bias training, and is not a means of recouping costs for the closed stores.

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The decision to hold the training was sparked by an incident in April when two black men were arrested — and later released — for allegedly trespassing at a Starbucks store in Philadelphia.

The recent price hike doesn’t help the chain’s reputation for being among the pricier coffee purveyors, but amid rising prices you can still get your java fix by using one of these Starbucks hacks to score the best deals.

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