Summer Savings: These Classic Tips Keep Your Home Cooler for Free in Summer Months

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In terms of temperatures, July 2022 seems especially rough so far and, as USA Today notes, over 200 million Americans will be suffering through 90+ degree heat this week. Further, 100 million Americans are living in areas under extreme heat warnings or advisories, per CNN. Overseas, Europe is experiencing unprecedented record-setting heat waves and the U.K. has declared its first ever “red” extreme heat warning.

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As dangerous and record-breaking heat covers much of the southern U.S. today, here are a few free tried-and-true household tips that will help you to stay cooler during this period of excessive warmth.

Blinds Closed in the Day, Windows Open at Night

Common-sense remedies are often the best. Intense heat will enter a home no matter what, but keeping the sunlight out of your house is simple and can make a difference. Keeping curtains or blinds open when the sun is blazing can make a poorly ventilated room extremely uncomfortable, so remember to shut them during the day. If you are missing window coverings, pin up anything to block that sun — even a blanket can serve this purpose.

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At night, open all your windows. It is normally cooler at night, and you want to get as much air circulating throughout your place as you can. It is the sun that you want to avoid during the day, but if it is scorching at night, don’t block the moon. Keep windows and coverings open and take advantage of any breeze or dip in temperature overnight.

Dry Your Laundry Inside?

As USA Today reports, setting your wet laundry on drying racks in your house or apartment can actually lower temperatures inside. As water evaporates and leaves the house through open windows it can produce an unexpected cooling effect.

Use Ice Packs to Cool Yourself

Not everyone can afford the luxury of central air or even a window AC unit, but most people have access to a fridge and freezer. Ice packs, or an icy water bottle, will work wonders to cool you down.

It is also possible to create an impromptu personal homemade AC unit by placing a frozen water bottle in front of a fan, says This Is Money. The effect should cool you down during the most uncomfortably hot days.  

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Heat Up to Cool Down

You can trick your body into feeling hotter or cooler, regardless of what the temp outside says. For these ultra-hot days, This Is Money recommends taking a lukewarm shower or bath before you go to sleep at night. Cranking the cold in the shower will tell your body to conserve heat, constricting blood vessels in your skin. Cold swims will feel amazing immediately and will eventually cool your core, but a tepid soak boosts blood flow closer to your skin’s surface, pushing the heat out.

Drink the Recommended Amount of Water

The single most important thing you can do during a period of extreme heat is to drink more water.

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As National Geographic explains, “When people can’t drink enough water, dehydration sets in. Blood flow to the skin decreases, along with the ability to sweat. Body heat builds up. A body temperature of 104 degrees indicates danger; 105 degrees is the definition of heat stroke; and a temperature of 107 degrees could result in irreversible organ damage or even death.”

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