Ranked: Most and Least Expensive Stadiums for MLB Fans to Watch a Baseball Game

  • poop

    Did they just make up the numbers in this article? PNC parks is just 62 dollars? Beers are 9 each hotdogs are 5 each. Event parking in Pittsburgh is 20 bucks. 48 without the tickets. Leaves 14 dollops for two tickets. They should fire whoever wrote this.

  • Blair Backes

    I go to Twins games regularly, i would like to know where the $6 parking is within a few blocks of Target Field, I pay $15.

    • Kj

      9th and Nicollet – a couple blocks further, but $5 after 4p and all weekend!

    • Deaven Jacob

      Parking ramp across the Orpheum is $7 and it is about 3-4 blocks away. Just thought I would help.

  • OVNative

    Except that last season at a Giants game in San Fran I paid $11 a piece for my beers…..and that was for Coors Light, so I would love to know where they bought a beer for $7 each! And “Two tickets: $44.81” is the complete nose bleed section…like the VERY top row, it which case, you might as well stay home and watch it on TV!

  • Calvin Bond

    Angels Stadium was originally built for the Angels NOT the Rams! It was expanded when the Rams moved to Anaheim then renovated again when they left.