Cashback Monitor: A Complete Guide

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If you aren’t taking advantage of shopping rewards sites and portals, you could be missing out on a significant source of savings. A shopping rewards portal allows you to earn cash back or other rewards on purchases from select retailers.

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Cashback Monitor is a platform that aims to track multiple cash back and rewards portals for you so you can quickly determine which portal to use to get the biggest rewards. This guide explains how Cashback Monitor works and which features may help you maximize your shopping rewards.

What Is Cashback Monitor?

Cashback Monitor tracks the rewards offerings of over 50 shopping portals and over 15,000 retailers in one interface. The types of shopping portals it monitors include:

How To Use Cashback Monitor

Cashback Monitor is a free tool that doesn’t require you to sign up to access its primary features. It has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to perform a quick search in a few different ways to determine which shopping portals are offering the best rewards:

  • Perform a general retailer search using the search box on the site’s top toolbar. Once you locate the desired retailer, you can view the rewards offered by all shopping portals monitored on the site, whether the rewards are in the form of cash back, points or miles. 
  • Limit search results to a specific type by filtering the search through one of the category tabs on the top toolbar.  
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The Cashback Monitor Bookmarklet

If you shop on a computer, the Cashback Monitor Bookmarklet lets you jump from a specific retailer’s website to the retailer’s rewards page on Cashback Monitor. For instance, suppose you are shopping on the Sam’s Club website. You can click the “CBM Check Rewards” bookmarklet from your browser to open the Sam’s Club page on Cashback Monitor. Then you can easily see which shopping portals offer rewards on Sam’s Club purchases. The bookmarklet is available on Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers.  

Cashback Monitor Account Features

Even if you don’t create an account, you can still use Cashback Monitor. However, an account provides a few convenient features that might make using Cashback Monitor easier.

Assign Value to Miles and Points

Comparing cash-back rewards from different portals is straightforward, but comparing a cash-back shopping portal to a points-based shopping portal is not so easy. Cashback Monitor attempts to solve this problem by allowing you to assign a dollar value to your miles and point-based rewards.

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For instance, if you have a Chase Sapphire Preferred card, you can earn Chase Ultimate Rewards points when you use your card to shop through the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal. But deciding whether you should shop through the Chase portal or Rakuten can be challenging when one rewards cash back and the other rewards points. If you know how much a Chase Ultimate Rewards point is worth, you can assign a dollar value to it in Cashback Monitor. Then when you compare Chase’s points to Rakuten’s cash back, you can see which will provide you with the best dollar value.

Configure My Monitor

The Configure My Monitor feature allows you to save up to eight shopping portals and 20 retailers. You can quickly access a snapshot of the rewards offered through your preferred shopping portals from the My Monitor tab.

Set Rewards Alerts

You can set an alert to receive a notification when the rewards for a selected retailer reach a certain amount, such as 5% cash back. You can set up to 10 alerts that the system checks daily. View alerts on the Cashback Monitor site or choose to get an email if your desired rewards amount is detected.

Make Your Money Work for You

Final Take

If you want to earn as much cash back, points or miles as you can when shopping, you might consider giving Cashback Monitor a try. One major benefit is that you can sign up for a free account, so you can easily monitor your most-used shopping portals and favorite retailers for the best rewards, and quit at any time.

To really maximize rewards when shopping, go to the portal offering the most significant rewards and then pay for your purchase with a cash-back rewards credit card. Just be careful to avoid getting so caught up in earning rewards that you make unnecessary purchases simply to earn points or cash-back rewards. While those rewards can be a significant source of savings, you can easily throw your budget out of balance or run up a hefty credit card balance if you aren’t careful.


Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions about Cashback Monitor.
  • What is cash-back credit?
    • Cash-back credit could mean a few different things. A cash-back credit card allows you to earn rewards on purchases that you can often redeem for a statement credit or a direct deposit into a checking account. In retail stores, a store may issue cash-back credit, also called a store credit, for returned merchandise rather than a cash refund or a credit back to your credit card.
  • Does Home Depot do cash back at the register?
    • Home Depot may issue a refund by giving you a store credit or by issuing you cash at the register. At checkout, when paying with a debit card, you can also get cash back.
  • What is Cashback Monitor?
    • Cashback Monitor is a free tool that monitors the rewards offerings of over 50 shopping portals and 15,000 retailers in one interface, allowing you to get the most rewards and benefits as possible when you shop.

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