Millennials Reveal the Best Items They’ve Bought for Less Than $100


What’s the best item you can buy for $100 or less? As it turns out, some of the best purchases millennials have made can be as inexpensive as one dollar! 

GOBankingRates asked five millennials to reveal a purchase they are particularly fond of for under $100 and what about this item makes it a great investment.

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Food Thermometers

John Brandt, vice president at ROKK Solutions, recommends investing in a pair of food thermometers. Depending on the brand, it might even be possible to make this purchase for under $50.

Brandt uses food thermometers to make sure the cooking surface is at the right temperature. Not only does this mean no more burnt food or waiting forever for a meal to cook, but investing in food thermometers has helped Brandt save money.

“Food cooked to the right temperature tastes better. That means I’m eating, not throwing out leftovers,” said Brandt. 

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Because of food thermometers, Brandt has been able to cut back on ordering steak while dining out at restaurants. The food thermometers allow Brandt to cook steak at home exactly at the ideal temperature and save extra money.

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Reading Light

“My husband bought me a clip-on light lamp to put on my side of the bed headboard so I have a good reading light,” said Sarah Mason, CEO and founder of Publify Relations.

“It only cost about $15 dollars and I use it on a daily basis as an avid reader. Best purchase/gift ever!” said Mason.

Grating and Slicing Set

Jennifer Godkin, founder of Calicle, is extremely passionate about her OXO Good Grips Grate and Slice Set.

“It’s fast and easy. The blades are super sharp and I love how it all stores together,” said Godkin.

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She uses the grating and slicing set almost daily for grating cheese, slicing and juliennes for veggies for stir-fry dishes or potatoes for scalloped potatoes. 

“I believe I paid $40 for it at Bed Bath & Beyond a few years ago. I would buy it again in a heartbeat if needed!” said Godkin.

Calm App Subscription

While most millennials mentioned a tangible purchase which has changed their lives, we also received a mention for an intangible item: an app.

A subscription to the Calm app ($69.99 per year) is Catherine Lux’s favorite purchase. By day, Lux is head of SEO at Havas Media Group. By night, she is a travel blogger — and she relies on the Calm app for a good night’s sleep.

“It has just absolutely transformed my sleep quality, especially when I’m going through a stressful time,” said Lux. “I love the sleep stories. It’s so soothing falling asleep to a celebrity telling me a cute little story, and the meditation and nature sounds are so great!”

Holiday Decorations

Eva Keller, travel blogger at Discovering Hidden Gems, said her favorite purchase for under $100 is her collection of holiday decorations. 

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Keller’s Christmas decorations include several strands of garland in different colors, snowflakes to hang on the wall and fake snow for her mantle at home. Best of all, she bought everything from dollar stores and Five Below. Keller said each item was anywhere between $1 to $5. 

“I’ve had them for over five years now and they are all still in perfect condition!” said Keller. “I have similar decor for Halloween all bought at the same places, even thrift stores, for less than $5!”

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