The Best Day of the Week To Shop at Thrift Stores

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It’s tempting to buy shiny new things, but shopping secondhand can not only help save the planet, it can also help save your bank account.

It’s not news that thrift stores can help you get great stuff at an affordable price, so the question is “How can I get the best out of my thrift store experience?” And with that question comes the more narrowed down, “What is the best day of the week to shop at thrift stores?”

As it turns out, there are certain best times to go thrifting.

According to Goodwill, the perfect time slot to shop at thrift stores is in the morning on both Monday and Tuesday. This is because, at least as far as Goodwill is concerned, people tend to donate garage sale remnants on Sunday, so the pickings are new and fresh come early weekdays. Additionally, weekends can be super busy at thrift stores, so items get quickly picked through and purchased during that time — and retailers don’t have a moment to restock until the beginning of the work week.

What else should you know about how to get the best deals at thrift stores? Consider the following:

Shop on Monday Morning

Taking time on a Monday morning to go shopping may be difficult, but if you can manage it, it’s best to visit early in the day. This is because the post-weekend restocking has just happened, so you can have first dibs on a brand new pre-loved array of goods.

Dig Sale Days

Many thrift stores have sale days. For example, Goodwill hosts 50% off days every other Saturday.

Shop Around National Holidays

Holidays can be hectic times to shop anywhere, including thrift stores, but they’re also peak times for people to get rid of the old and get in with the new as they prepare for holiday sales. They also have more time to go through their closets and homes. For instance, belated spring cleaning often happens around Memorial Day weekend, making it the perfect time to score pre-owned treasures.

Make Your Money Work for You

Spring Forward

We mentioned that spring cleaning can be delayed, but it can also happen in, well, spring. Once the weather gets nice, visit your local thrift store(s) to find troves of items that people are shedding as they prep for new purchases and possible home renovations.

Shop Off-Season

If you need a great coat for winter, shop thrift stores in spring and summer. Off season items may be marked down and in greater supply.

Seek Specialty Discounts

You’re already saving a killing by shopping at thrift stores, but some can score additional savings if you go on discount days. For instance, Goodwill hosts discount days for seniors, students, military members and teachers. Inquire with your local thrift shop on which days you may be able to get an even better deal.

Know the Discount Days (if You Qualify)

Note that at Goodwill, military members and students can get 25% off on Sundays, and seniors nab 25% off on Tuesdays. Remember to bring an ID that proves your eligibility.

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