9 Best Values at Aldi, According to Superfans

The outside of an Aldi store.
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With food inflation hitting many Americans’ wallets, it’s no wonder that chains such as Aldi have garnered strong followings. Aldi has a legion of superfans who praise the chain’s very low prices on social media groups and share their latest tips on deals on Reddit threads.

The chain is also known for its super speedy checkout counters, for carts that require quarters and for cardboard boxes to pack your items. These factors are helping prices, as the chain does not need to hire baggers or cart attendants.

Yet, as Food Republic noted, “The thing that likely makes the biggest difference in avoiding higher grocery prices is that the chain sells very few brand-name items.”

“In fact, 90% of Aldi’s products are private label and much cheaper than the big brands,” according to Food Republic. “If you walk into an Aldi for the first time, you probably won’t recognize the brands because Aldi produces very few television ads, saving a lot of money there as well.”

Here are some of the products superfans on a Reddit thread called “What do you find to be the greatest overall value purchase for you at Aldi?” are raving about. Also see Aldi products fans love.

Aged White Cheddar

According to one superfan, at $2.65 for 10 ounces, the aged white cheddar is a “great deal.” Compliments keep pouring in for this cheese, which some on the thread are calling “spectacular,” while one proclaimed that “my husband and I are in love with this cheese.”

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Tortilla Chips

These tortilla chips have one fan saying it’s “what originally converted me to an Aldi shopper.”

While the fan added that they’re not quite that cheap anymore, they are still under $2.

Clancy’s Pretzels

Clancy’s pretzels not only retail at $2 for a 16-ounce bag, they also don’t have “the weird taste the Great Value ones do,” according to one Reddit user.  

Users rave about the different flavors Aldi offers as well, including almond butter, peanut butter or butter twist.

“I’ve heard [a] rumor there exists an Everything Bagel pretzel … oh I hope it’s true,” one Aldi fan wrote.

Wild Caught salmon

One Reddit poster wrote, “Aldi is the only store where I check out and I’m like, ‘That is a lot more stuff than I expected for the $$$.’ But the one item that I think is the best value is the wild caught salmon. It’s delicious and half the price of other stores.”

Almond Milk

As one Aldi fan wrote, “I used to have to watch the store circulars like a hawk, and thankfully almond milk doesn’t expire as quickly, so I could try to stock up when something went on sale.”

Instead, that person buys it now at Aldi, which has the best value compared to other stores.


Some fans said that condiments such asketchup, mustard and mayonnaise are much cheaper than even Walmart or the 99-cent store.


Aldi offers great value for cookies and, according to one poster, especially Benton’s caramel coconut fudge cookies “that are dupes for the Girl Scout samoas/caramel delights. Also, the dupes for Keebler fudge stripe cookies.”

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As another poster wrote, “We CANNOT have the Aldi samoas in our house. The entire package just evaporates in a day.”

The Huntington Home 3-wick candles

One Reddit poster said they bought a Huntington Home 3-wick candle that smells the same as the one at Target, “but it cost $6 less.”

Risotto and Rice Mixes

“The $1.79 bags of risotto mix are definitely one of my most regular value purchases,” said one poster. “I throw in some extra veg (sautéed mushrooms, frozen spinach, whatever I have that works with the flavors) and I have two days worth of hearty, tasty (easy!) lunch entrees for a buck each. Boxed risotto mixes from other grocery stores are always closer to $4.”

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