Dave Ramsey’s Costco Shopping List: 8 Grocery Items He Says To Avoid

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When it comes to managing finances and saving money, Dave Ramsey stands out as an expert in the field. Ramsey recently shared insights into making the most out of grocery shopping. While Costco offers many options for the savvy shopper, here are eight grocery items he advises against purchasing from the retail giant.

1. Prepackaged Meals

Ramsey suggests avoiding pre-packaged meals due to their marked-up prices and unhealthy ingredients. These convenient options may save time, but they certainly don’t save money. Opting for fresh ingredients to cook meals from scratch is a more budget-friendly approach.

2. Brand-Name Cereal

Cereal can be a quick breakfast solution, but Ramsey warns against falling for brand-name options available at Costco. These often come with a higher price tag compared to generic brands, which usually taste the same. He suggests giving generic options a chance. You might find that you prefer certain generic items over the name brand.

3. Bulk Fresh Produce

While buying in bulk can be cost-effective, Ramsey doesn’t see the value in purchasing fresh produce at Costco. Large quantities may lead to waste due to spoilage, especially for smaller households. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to eat everything before it goes bad.

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Ramsey also cautions against purchasing pre-cut fruits and vegetables. They’re convenient but come with a significant markup. Ramsey recommends buying whole produce and investing a little time in preparation to save dollars. Although it takes time to cut, wash, and prepare whole fruits and vegetables, you’ll save money in the long run. 

4. Spices

Given their long shelf life, buying spices in bulk may seem like a good idea. However, Ramsey points out that most households will not use such large quantities before they lose their flavor.

5. Meat

Buying meat in bulk is tempting but can break the bank. Ramsey says you should only purchase meat in bulk if you have the space and know you’ll use what you bought.

6. Dairy

Dairy items have a short shelf life. Your best bet is to avoid making dairy purchases in bulk.

7. Condiments

Condiments generally have a shorter shelf life compared to other bulk items. If not used quickly, they can spoil, leading to waste.

8. Name-Brand Coffee

Designer coffee brands available at Costco can be pricier than their counterparts. Ramsey suggests buying generic coffee brands and making coffee at home for more savings.

The Bottom Line

Ramsey’s advice on avoiding these grocery items at Costco is rooted in his principles of frugality and smart spending. By being mindful of purchases and opting for alternatives, you can enjoy the benefits of bulk buying while adhering to a budget-friendly lifestyle.

Make Your Money Work for You

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