7 Things You Should Never Buy at BJ’s

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BJ’s Wholesale Club, much like other warehouse clubs, offers a variety of products in bulk at discounted prices. While there are many great deals to be had, not everything is a steal. In fact, some products might not offer the value you’re expecting or can be found cheaper elsewhere. To ensure you get the most bang for your buck, here are seven things you should think twice about before adding to your cart at BJ’s.

Brand-Name Electronics

When it comes to electronics, brand matters. BJ’s occasionally stocks off-brand electronics that might seem like a great deal compared to their big-name counterparts. However, these off-brands often don’t come with the same warranty or quality assurance. Furthermore, electronics evolve rapidly, and warehouse clubs may not always stock the latest models. Do your research, compare prices online, and read reviews before making a big electronic purchase at BJ’s or any other wholesale club.

Perishable Bulk Produce

Buying produce in bulk can be tempting because of the lower per-item cost. But unless you’re hosting a big event or have a large family, it might be a waste of money. The quality of bulk produce can be inconsistent, and if you can’t consume it quickly, you’ll end up throwing away more than you eat. It’s often best to buy fresh produce in smaller quantities from local grocery stores or farmers’ markets.


It might seem wise to buy batteries in bulk, especially if the price appears right. However, if you don’t go through batteries quickly, they might lose their charge or corrode over time. It’s better to buy batteries as needed or invest in rechargeable ones that can be used multiple times, offering both economic and environmental advantages.

Make Your Money Work for You

Pre-Packaged Fresh Meals

While BJ’s offers an array of pre-packaged meals that seem convenient, they often come at a premium price. These meals might save you time, but you’re likely paying more for that convenience. With a little planning, you can prepare similar meals at home at a fraction of the cost. Moreover, by cooking at home, you have more control over the ingredients, ensuring a healthier and fresher meal.


While the prices of jewelry items at BJ’s might be attractive, the quality can be hit or miss. Often, the jewelry offered at wholesale clubs isn’t the same caliber you’d find at a jeweler. If you’re looking for valuable or long-lasting pieces, it’s best to shop at specialized stores where you can be assured of craftsmanship and authenticity.

Designer Clothing

BJ’s occasionally offers designer brands at discounted prices. However, these items might be from past seasons or could be factory seconds with minor defects. Also, the selection is limited, so you may not find your size or preferred color. If you’re interested in designer items, consider shopping at outlet stores or during sales at department stores. You’ll have a wider selection and the ability to inspect items closely.

Generic Supplements

It’s crucial to ensure you’re getting quality when it comes to dietary supplements. While generic supplements may be cheaper, they might not meet the same rigorous testing standards as more renowned brands. Always research and ensure that any supplement you take has been third-party tested for purity and potency.

Make Your Money Work for You

The Bottom Line

While BJ’s offers many cost-saving opportunities, it’s essential to shop smartly. Not everything is the bargain it seems to be. Always compare prices, consider quality, read reviews, and think about the actual utility of a product before making a purchase. By being a discerning shopper, you’ll ensure that you’re genuinely saving money and getting the best value for every dollar spent.

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