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Everyone is always looking for the best deals and deepest discounts, especially when it comes to shopping at major retailers such as Amazon. Because there are so many options, it may be overwhelming to try and find items you want at prices that save you the most money. Even Amazon, a virtual mega store has an outlet, or rather warehouse, where you can find some of the best sales around.

What Are Amazon Warehouse Deals?

Anyone who has ever bought items on Amazon — and really, who hasn’t? — is probably familiar with the process of returning items as well. What you might not know is that the ubiquitous online retailer also offers Amazon Warehouse deals that provide great deals and discounts on returned, damaged, lightly used or refurbished items that have been inspected and tested by Amazon.

Amazon Warehouse Deals: Key Takeaways

With items sold on Amazon Warehouse, you can routinely find upwards of 70% off almost any kind of product. You don’t need an Amazon Prime membership to take advantage, and you get free two-day shipping on most products with replacement and refund options. Here are some things to consider when shopping these deals:

  • Amazon uses detailed descriptions of Warehouse deal items to help customers better understand the item listing condition. 
  • The descriptions include the item’s appearance, functional qualities, accessories, minor damage, packaging condition or whether it works as expected after being evaluated and graded.
  • The most popular product categories for Amazon Warehouse deals are Computer & Accessories, Home & Kitchen, Electronics & Photos and Home Improvement.
  • The reason Warehouse deals are so cheap is because Amazon receives a large amount of customer returns, which it can no longer sell as “new in box” — even if the box has never been opened. This holds true even if items are still in good working condition and were returned within 90 days of purchase.
  • Everything Amazon Warehouse sells is listed as used, regardless of whether the product has ever been touched and works as expected as part of the Amazon renewed guarantee.
  • Because used items are worth less than new ones, you can score deep discounts on items that might be in pristine condition, but be aware some might have slight warehouse damage.
  • One thing to keep in mind: Unless you have an ad blocker that specifically removes Amazon’s paid listing results, you’ll still see full-priced items included among the discounts.
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How To Find Amazon Warehouse Deals

To begin, go to the Amazon Warehouse deals landing page which is part of It takes out almost all of the full-price listings, which means you mainly see discounted or renewed items. You can find the page by searching for “Amazon warehouse” or “warehouse deals.” 

Once there, you’ll see a screen that looks similar to the main Amazon search page, where you can browse different product categories or search for specific items just as you would on the regular Amazon homepage. The main difference is that you’ll see mostly discounted items, possibly from different party sellers.

Amazon Warehouse Deal Conditions

Some items have simply been opened but never used and some items may have minor damage so be sure to read the description for the used or renewed items before purchasing. Here’s a look at how Amazon describes the condition of Warehouse deal items:

  • Used – Like new: An item in perfect working condition, though the packaging might show damage. The item is fully functional, and all of its essential accessories are complete.
  • Used – Very good: An item in very good condition that might have seen limited use. It might have minor cosmetic imperfections and arrive with damaged packaging or be repackaged. It is fully functional but could be missing some non-essential accessories. Missing accessories are shown under the individual item description.
  • Used – Good: An item in good condition that is fully functional but might show wear from moderate use. It might arrive with damaged packaging or be repackaged. It may also have minor cosmetic damage, such as a small scratch. The item might be missing some valuable accessories, which means you’ll have to buy separately. Missing accessories are shown under the individual item description.
  • Used – Acceptable: An item that might have clear signs of usage but still serves its main function. It might arrive with damaged packaging or be repackaged, have cosmetic damages on it, or show other signs of previous use. Signs of usage can include scratches, dents, and worn corners or edges. The item might be missing valuable accessories, components or spare parts. Missing parts are shown under individual item descriptions.

Final Take To GO 

Shopping can be stressful, so take some of the budgetary pressure off by shopping at a trusted retailer’s outlet for used items. The only reason most of these items are categorized as used is because the box they came in has been opened, but most of them are brand new. This means you can get a like-new item for a much lower price which is good to know coming into the holiday shopping season.

Vance Cariaga contributed to the reporting for this article.


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