Raise a Glass Among the Glaciers on This Bucket-List Trip

Enjoy the greatest day of your life — in Antarctica.

The greatest day of your life is only one Antarctican adventure away — but it comes with a $15,000 price tag.

With its “Greatest Day” package, the travel company White Desert will escort you via private jet to the continuous sunshine and glacial beauty at the heart of Antarctica. Start your journey in Cape Town, South Africa — a destination in itself thanks to breathtaking ocean views and award-winning vineyards — and board a scenic, five-hour flight over awe-striking icebergs to land at Wolfs Fang Runway. Then, spend several hours experiencing the most remote continent on Earth. White Desert guides will lead you on a gentle hike to a summit, where you’ll toast to spectacular sights at a Champagne picnic.

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The return flight includes Champagne chilled from 10,000-year-old Antarctic ice — a claim worthy of any bucket list.

Seats for the “Greatest Day” adventure are available for dates in late December 2018 or mid-January 2019. You can either purchase one seat for $15,000 or charter the entire Gulfstream jet for $210,000, with room for 12 guests. All food and drinks — including alcohol — and a baggage allowance of up to 66 pounds are packaged into your ticket.

Even if the asking price makes you pause, this trip is an investment you can feel good about. White Desert upholds an environmental zero-impact policy, meaning the company is certified CarbonNeutral, removes all waste and uses renewable power on Antarctica.

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If a day trip to Antarctica isn’t enough for you, White Desert also offers a four-day adventure to explore the icy continent from a luxury camp as well as a nine-day journey to meet emperor penguins and experience the South Pole. Each trip will set you back $35,000 and $84,000, respectively.

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