I Used HomeAway and Had a Fairytale Staycation

Who knew staying in your own city could be so nice?

Los Angeles has a lot to offer tourists: think endless beaches, old Hollywood history and incredible shopping. But, its price tag makes LA a little bit trickier to navigate. Living here doesn’t make it any easier, what with the constant traffic and busy work schedules.

As a born-and-raised Angeleno, I wanted to fall in love with my city again and see it through the eyes of a first-timer. That’s why I decided to take a quick staycation at a short-term rental property with HomeAway in the Hollywood Hills.

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Though Spanish hacienda-inspired architecture is common throughout LA, the Hollywood Hills are different. Each house has its own personality, from mini McMansions to early Hollywood glam homes. The house I stayed in was no exception. The property was like something out of a storybook, its red brick walls covered in layers of ivy. The writer’s alcove had to be my favorite room. Sure, it got a little hot midday, but I truly felt as if I had escaped to the English countryside to work on my writing.

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As Los Angeles becomes more and more popular due to the ever-growing entertainment industry, the rise of Silicon Beach and more, flights to the city aren’t actually your biggest concern. You’ll find your highest expenses are actually accommodation, transportation and dining. Luckily, a well-equipped HomeAway property can help. You can use its kitchen to cut costs on breakfast and lunch, its location to skip transportation costs and of course, the property itself can be much cheaper than a hotel room.

When booking a property, just make sure to check out a map of the area first. The more centrally located you are, the less likely you are to spend money on rideshares, taxis and buses. Write a shortlist of what you’d like to see and experience, too. From there, you can decide which iconic neighborhood you would like to make your home away from home.

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It’s also very important to review the home owner’s profile and background first to make sure you don’t wind up with any mishaps or miscommunications. Check out other reviews left by previous travelers and ensure the reviews are consistently positive. If you’re finding the perfect home, but a discrepancy in the owner’s reputation, feel free to message them first to get a vibe if this would be the rental property for you.

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