Not Signed Up for Child Tax Credit Direct Deposit? Here’s When To Expect Paper Checks

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For the majority of American families who are eligible to receive the child tax credit, payments have already been deposited via direct deposit into millions of bank accounts. However, for those who did not set up direct deposit payments — or do not plan to — you will have to wait for your payment to come in the mail via paper check.

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The IRS has not yet given specific guidance as to exactly when taxpayers can expect paper checks. The method by which you expect your payment should be clarified through the online IRS CTC Portal. If you are already set up for direct deposit payments, the portal will display this with the routing and checking/savings account number it has on file for the payments to be deposited. If you are not enrolled in direct deposit, this will show, too. That means that, if you are eligible, you are likely enrolled to receive the payment through a paper check or prepaid debit card.

Monthly payments are currently on a set payment schedule lasting through December for those who have enrolled in direct deposit. The full benefit amount will be $300 every month for eligible families who meet the income thresholds and have children under the age of six.

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The only guidance the IRS has given thus far is “for those receiving payment by paper check, they should remember to take into consideration the time it takes to receive it by mail.”

The first of the monthly direct deposit payments were distributed on July 16, so paper check payments should likely be mailed out in the coming days or week.

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The first monthly direct deposit payment was distributed on July 15, and the August direct deposit payment will hit accounts today, August 13. Those receiving paper checks should expect to receive their checks within the next week.

If you see that your payment is delayed further than you would like, and would prefer to start receiving payments on definite days, you can enroll in direct deposit payment options through the IRS Child Tax Credit online portal. While it is too late to unenroll from August’s payment, you have until August 30 to opt out from September’s payment.

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Last updated: July 16, 2021


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