Top 10 Funniest Banking and Finance Commercials Include Ally Bank, Capital One and Discover

Top 10 Funniest Banking and Finance Commercials

One of the best things about watching TV is often the commercials. Companies have figured out the best way to get consumers’ attention is making them laugh, and even more serious industries like banking and finance have figured out they can have us laughing our way right into their customer base.

In fact, M&T Bank has offered tips for creating effective bank advertising campaigns, which include being creative, leading consumers to action and having fun. “Let your wild, playful, inner-self loose a bit. This is a place where being funny, goofy, even bizarre can pay off,” the bank’s website advises.

There is definitely a method to this madness. Numerous studies, including one by the Journal of Advertising, have found that humorous ads regularly outperform nonhumorous ads, largely due to the influence humor has on message recall.

With the success of humorous ads, it’s not surprising that some of the best commercials we’ve seen in recent years are funny bank commercials.

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10 Funny Bank Commercials You Don’t Want to Miss

The following banking ads go down as some of the funniest to ever air on television.

1. Grocery Ally Bank Commercial

There’s nothing worse than being nice to someone, only realize they’ve somehow benefited greatly from your kindness. Of course, it has to be worse when you’ve missed out on boosting your bank account by $50,000 because you let someone jump you in the grocery checkout line.

This Ally Bank commercial did a fantastic job of showing just how horrible it can be to miss out on something great. The best part of this commercial is that the guy somehow kept calm after another person won his money (Didn’t he want to do a WWE leg drop just a little bit?).

2. Jimmy Fallon Capital One Commercial

Who doesn’t want one-percent cash back on every purchase and a 50-percent annual bonus with the use of their rewards credit card? Capital One offered its deal in a hilarious way, thanks to Jimmy Fallon and the cutest little girl with a talent for screaming “Yes!”

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3. Discover Card Commercial — “So Pretty”

Having to wait on hold to speak with a company representative is so annoying! It’s even worse when someone finally answers and reveals her… his name is Peggy and immediately places you back on hold. This Discover Card commercial is one of many hilarious “Peggy” commercials that won audiences over.

4. Aziz Ansari American Express Commercial

All of the new features added to American Express cards apparently had Aziz Ansari buying paddles for kayaking without knowing a thing about kayaking. Saving money by syncing up the card with various social media sites might just make you do the same thing!

5. E-Trade Baby Commercials

E-Trade most definitely knocked the ball out of the park with its baby commercials. Those babies are pros at discussing ETFs, volatility in the market and the need for portfolio diversification — with an innocent twist. If you’re a fan of these commercials, check out this montage.

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6. Defective Merchandise Citibank Commercial

Have you ever purchased an item and soon after learned it was defective? Hopefully you didn’t have to find out the way the poor guy in this Citibank Card commercial did.

If nothing else, the company drove the message home that you want purchase protection so that you don’t have to feel cheated by a bad purchase.

7. Wells Fargo’s Hot Tub After Dark

Sometimes it takes time to acquire the things we want in life. Whether we want to buy a home or take a vacation, it can take months, or even years, to reach our goals — that is, unless we work with the right financial institution.

Wells Fargo makes it clear some people take extraordinary measures to make due while waiting to reach their big goals. The hilarious couple in this commercial is no exception. Had they simply visited their local Wells Fargo, maybe they wouldn’t have had to “borrow” their neighbor’s hot tub in the wee hours of the night.

8. Scottrade Commercial — “No, No, I’m Here at the Office!”

When working with a brokerage, you definitely want to know that it has your best interest at heart. The message behind this hilarious Scottrade commercial is clearly that not all brokers are sitting in the office managing your accounts, which is why it doesn’t hurt to consider companies that allow you co-manage your transactions.

9. Payment Flexibility Discover Card Commercial

Discover Card knows funny commercials. In this one, the company puts a funny spin on The Golden Rule by showcasing the perks of having a company “treat you like you’d treat you.” Of course, learning about the perk of payment flexibility with the “it Card” doesn’t hurt either.

10. Mistaken Identity Ameritrade Commercial

Everyone’s a shareholder of something, whether it’s a member share in a credit union, or 0.000013% of Motorola. This funny commercial not only teaches a lesson in jumping to the wrong conclusions, but also promotes the benefits of buying affordable shares from Ameritrade. Not bad!

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