Walmart Credit Card Review: Rewards Go Beyond Walmart

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If you’re one of the 260 million shoppers who visit Walmart weekly, a Walmart credit card could make financial sense for you. Unlike a Walmart MasterCard MoneyCard, the Walmart store credit card is a private label rewards credit card with solid benefits for frequent shoppers. If you’re wondering how to get a Walmart credit card, it’s as easy as going online or applying right in your local store.

Check out the following table to quickly see the main features offered by the Walmart credit card. Then, read on to learn everything you need to know about how you can get the most bang for your buck at Walmart with the store’s credit card.

Walmart Credit Card Review: Summary and Tips 
APR   23.40%
Annual Fee $0
Foreign Transaction Fee N/A
Cash Advance APR N/A
Rewards 3% on online purchases
2% on Walmart/Murphy USA gas purchases
1% at Walmart and other locations where it’s accepted
Pros  Multiple ways to get a Walmart credit card
3-2-1 Save cash back rewards program
Free monthly FICO score
No accrued interest on special financing deals
Cons  High APR
Use limited to Walmart and affiliated stores and gas stations
Fees up to $38 for late payments

Walmart Credit Card Review

The Walmart credit card is accepted only at Walmart-affiliated stores and gas stations. Even though the APR on the Walmart credit card is high, the perks offered make it a worthwhile offer to consider. The most noteworthy perk is the 3-2-1 Save rewards program, which draws customers with promises of up to 3 percent cash back.

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The highest cash back rewards are reserved for Walmart online purchases. In-store transactions earn 1 percent, which increases to 2 percent for all gasoline purchases made at Walmart and Murphy USA gas stations.

If you’re monitoring your financial health, you’ll also find its free monthly FICO score appealing. Rather than only providing your FICO score, you can also see the top two factors impacting your score.

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Walmart Credit Card Pros

Frequent Walmart shoppers and those who monitor their credit score will appreciate several features offered by the Walmart store credit card. If you pay your balance off monthly and like taking advantage of special financing offers, you can maximize these benefits. To better understand how a Walmart credit card could help you get more out of your spending, take a look at the advantages the card offers.

Multiple Ways to Apply

The process to apply for a Walmart credit card is straightforward. In addition to an online Walmart credit card application, you also have the option to apply in-store at jewelry kiosks and cash registers. You’ll receive a 24-hour shopping pass to use immediately if you get credit card pre-approval at the register.

3-2-1 Save Rewards Program Earns Monthly Cash Back

All card holders are automatically enrolled in the 3-2-1 Save rewards program upon Walmart credit card approval. You’ll receive a 1 percent reward everywhere the credit card is accepted. This cash back reward rises to 2 percent on Walmart and Murphy USA gas purchases and to 3 percent for online orders at Walmart. You’ll get the money back each month as a statement credit, with no limit to how much you can earn.

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Free FICO score

If you opt for electronic statements for your Walmart store credit card, you’re eligible to enroll in a free monthly FICO score. Your FICO score comes with an explanation of the top two factors impacting your score.

No Interest Accrual on Special Financing Offers

The Walmart credit card adds a unique twist to the usual credit card offers with no interest for the first few months. With most no-interest offers, interest still accrues and is owed if the cardholder fails to pay the balance within the promotional period. For the Walmart credit card, interest does not start to accrue until the end of the six or twelve-month period, so you’ll only pay interest on the unpaid part of the balance.

Walmart Credit Card Cons

Like any credit card, the Walmart store credit card can become expensive if you only pay your monthly minimum balance. The card might not make sense for those who need to use credit at retail stores other than Walmart and its affiliates.

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High Interest Rate

The Walmart MasterCard offers tiered-level interest rates, so consumers with better credit receive lower rates.  However, the Walmart credit card charges the same variable APR to everyone based on the prime rate. The Walmart credit card requirements are exactly the same for all cardholders, so consumers with high credit scores don’t receive a break on interest rates.

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Limited Acceptance

Unlike the Walmart MasterCard, the Walmart store credit card is only accepted at Walmart and its affiliated stores. This includes Sam’s Club stores, Walmart Neighborhood Markets,, and affiliated gas stations.

Fees for Late Payments

Late payment penalties are as high as $38, depending on the delinquency length.

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Decide If the Walmart Credit Card Is Right for You

Walmart also offers a Visa and MasterCard-branded MoneyCard that acts as a reloadable debit card and earns rewards. The cash back percentages are the same as those offered by the Walmart store credit card, but they’re capped at $75 per year on the MoneyCard. Unlike the store’s credit card, the Walmart MoneyCard offers convenient features like direct paycheck deposit, free online bill pay, check deposit using your smartphone camera, and an app for easy account tracking.

Although the Walmart credit card is limited in where you can use it, the company has over 11,000 stores globally, making it relatively easy to find a place to shop. If you frequent Walmart, and especially if you do your regular grocery shopping there, this could be the best store credit card for you, as you’ll rack up cash rewards quickly.

If you like to monitor your credit score, the free FICO offer is an added bonus. Although the APR is high, paying off your balance each month and taking advantage of any special financing offers negates the hefty interest charges.

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