One Expert Reveals How to Master Your Finance Goals for 2019

It all starts with getting over your investing fears.

If you’re wondering how you’ll reach your financial goals in 2019, the answer is about where you put your money. According to financial expert Robert Farrington, founder of the millennial finance blog The College Investor, that means investing — and investing now.

“Investing early is so important because the earlier you start, the less money you need to achieve your financial goals.” For Farrington, that meant investing young — really young.

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“I started investing when I was 16 years old when I first started my first job as a cart attendant at target, and I was putting away whatever I could,” Farrington told GOBankingRates — going on to explain that as he continued to invest, he took advantage of his 401k plans and learned to save money for his small business.

Although Farrington might not hesitate to invest his money, many Americans do. According to a recent GOBankingRates survey, 44 percent of Americans are currently not investing their money. However, that number does not include those who have money tucked away into a savings or retirement account.

For the most part, Americans are concerned with investing money for retirement. In fact, 57 percent of Americans cited saving for retirement as their No.1 investing goal, followed by 19 percent who said saving for an emergency was the most important, according to the survey.

Investing might be hard, but it can definitely set you up for the best financial future.

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“When you start investing early you can build wealth, and when you start paying down your debt, you’re also building on your net worth and getting out of debt, and they’re both really achievable goals,” Farrington said.

Watch the full video to hear Farrington’s advice on how to make your finance dreams a reality.

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