20 Hot Jobs That Pay More Than $150K

These jobs are worth checking out.
  • Tara

    As a Nurse Anesthetist, I just would like to clarify that we do not “assist” the anesthesiologist in giving anesthesia or recovering the patient. We are sole anesthesia providers in most rural facilities. We are trained and licensed in giving all forms of anesthesia from the beginning to the end of the case, no matter what the case may be.

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    This article is supposed to be a resource for those who are still deciding their career paths, or perhaps would like to take their career in a different direction and are targeting this particular desired range of income. This is why we list the qualifications along with each job description, as well as median salary.

    The title “Hot Jobs” is explained in the introduction paragraph (what it refers to and why we’ve categorized these occupations under such a label). Writing engaging titles are part of every editorial process that we know of — I’m sure if you investigated elsewhere you’d find that this is true for all publications.

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  • Jay

    As a Clinical Pharmacist, I would like to clarify that not all Pharmacists simply “dispense”. There is the Clinical route where you can complete 1-2 years of residency after graduating in which you can work in a clinical setting. For example, I work autonomously in a Chronic Conditions and Pain Clinic where I manage patients with these respective disease states. Essentially working in a limited scope practice.