Google Jobs Ranked by Salary

Want to work at Google? Check out these Google jobs by salary.

If you’ve dreamed of working at Google, find out how much you could be making, and what qualifications you might need to get a job at Google. GOBankingRates looked at jobs in various departments and ranked them by salary.

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Google Customer Service Representative: $15.72 per Hour

It’s one of the lowest-paying jobs at Google, but working as a customer service rep could be a foot in the door. You would prioritize and deliver outstanding customer service by troubleshooting and resolving issues. This entry-level position requires a bachelor’s degree and two years of experience.

Data Center Technician: $17.45 per Hour

In this role, you would deploy, maintain and support a data center. You’d have to troubleshoot and resolve critical or escalated technical challenges. This position requires experience in diagnosing and troubleshooting hardware issues.

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Administrative Business Partner: $56,603

In this job, you would perform administrative tasks, coordinate duties for multiple offices, build efficiency and responsiveness into existing operations and help define new operational strategies. It requires a bachelor’s degree and one year of direct executive support experience. This is a good salary for an administrative position.

Google Account Manager: $67,712  

In this sales role, you’d develop client-facing relationships at Google, and develop data-driven analysis and recommendations to quantify high-impact opportunities. It requires a bachelor’s degree and one year of experience in advertising sales, marketing or working with advertising agencies.

Security Supervisor: $80,049 

This Google security position requires you to supervise security operations and respond to suspicious activity, disruptive incidents and more. You’ll need a bachelor’s degree and three years of experience.

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Operations Manager: $93,714

This position calls for someone to manage and implement multiple projects, and hire, coach and develop a team of managers to meet specific objectives. It requires two years of experience managing a team.

Business Analyst: $94,648 

A business analyst initiates, analyzes and socializes data projects in conjunction with stakeholders, and manages and develops data infrastructure. This position requires a B.A./B.S. in statistics or computer science and experience as a data analyst or consultant.

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Field Sales Manager:  $101,405

In this position, you would lead and implement go-to-market propositions, pulling together marketing, demand management, solutions, product, and engineering teams. Google is looking for you to have a B.A./B.S. degree in computer science or a related field and eight years of experience in sales.

Financial Analyst: $105,226  

A financial analyst provides decision support and participates in business-facing projects, and builds financial models. This position requires a bachelor’s degree and three years of experience.

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Recruiter: $108,877  

You can earn money at Google by finding the right people to work there. As a Google recruiter, you would recruit talent, negotiate offers and achieve quarterly hiring goals. You should have a B.A./B.S. degree and five years of experience.

Quantitative Analyst: $121,877

A quantitative analyst will apply advanced statistical methods, work with large, complex data sets, and solve difficult, non-routine challenges. This position requires a doctorate in statistics or a related field and experience with data analysis and with R, Python, or MATLAB.

Product Marketing Manager: $134,042

Google employees in this role develop consumer positioning, launch strategies and produce marketing collateral. For this job, you need a bachelor’s degree and five years of experience.

Training Manager: $136,078 

A training manager designs scalable learning solutions, and develops facilitator guides, job aids, and evaluation strategies. It requires a bachelor’s degree in education and three years of experience.

Program Specialist: $141,201 

A program specialist will manage a team with a focus on long-term program management, budget planning, stakeholder buy-in, logistics, tracking and analysis. You should have a B.A./B.S. degree, one year of management experience and five years of experience in program management, recruiting or HR. 

Software Engineer: $142,223

Among the highest-paying jobs for an individual contributor at Google, a software engineer designs, develops, maintains and improves software. This job requires a B.S. in computer science and programming experience.

Sales Engineer: $142,639  

A sales engineer identifies and quantifies business opportunities and resolves customer technical objections. This position requires a master’s degree in computer science and experience with networking concepts and software development.

Technical Program Manager: $142,920  

Technical program managers work with engineers and product managers to deliver large-scale engineering solutions. You’ll need a bachelor’s degree in computer science and six years of experience.

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Product Manager: $143,414

A product manager identifies market opportunities, defines vision and strategy, and launches products. This position requires a B.A./B.S. in computer science and four years of experience.

Web Developer: $144,486  

A web developer will build internal tools, back-end services and web applications. This position requires a B.S. degree in computer science and experience in JavaScript, Python, Java or C++. 

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Corporate Counsel: $231,852

In this position, you would conduct root cause analyses and coordinate and conduct investigations. This position requires a Juris Doctor and three years of relevant experience, and you must be admitted to the bar and in good standing.

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In case you’re wondering, the average salary for a Google co-founder is $103,226 a year. Unfortunately, there are no co-founder positions currently available.

You’ll find that there are plenty of jobs that pay well at Google, and if you have the right qualifications, you can certainly make good money there.

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