13 Things Millennials Should Know Before Their First Real Job

Use these tips when entering the workforce for the first time.
  • Will Hann

    #14: The ENTITLED nature of your existence will not help in jumpstarting your career. You’ll be interviewing with others possessing 10-15 year experience more than you.
    #15: Get accustomed to loosing, loosing is part of life, just make sure you succeed in limiting this experience.
    #16: Mom & Dad should not be called upon to pout when the job you knew was yours was given to someone with a better skillset.
    #17: Try to avoid what countless ‘geniuses’ do in interviews…telling the Director of HR how to ‘run this Multinational better’ may not be the next path.

  • Michael

    Keep in mind…..Not every millennial maintains an “entitled” nature. It’s incredibly irritating how many of the older generations have the same view as you. I am not helpless nor do I feel entitled. I’ve busted my butt to make it through three years of college with the only debt to my name being a mortgage. I work two jobs, one of which is indeed professional.