These Are the People Who Will Get Hired This Year

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Hiring trends change frequently, but COVID-19 has added another layer of complexity to the picture. The result is that many job candidates may not know what to expect in the coming year. And while things may seem uncertain right now, we gathered the information needed to help you prepare for your job search. Some trends are new and unique, but others sound much the same as they did in years past. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the types of people who will get hired in 2021.

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1. The Expert Interviewee

The fact of the matter is that a firm handshake, eye contact and projecting confidence still matter when attending that first in-person interview. However, COVID-19 has changed the way we make a first impression. After all, in-person interactions are on pause in most cases, and that is likely to continue for several months.

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But that doesn’t mean first impressions don’t still matter. Interviewees can make a good first impression by making sure the video interview goes well, said Brianne Thomas, head of recruiting at Jobvite. “Job seekers can also make a good impression by ensuring they’re not making mistakes that could hurt their chances of getting the job,” she said. “This includes having poor connectivity, wearing inappropriate attire, and not making eye contact during the interview. Candidates should present themselves professionally and ensure the video background is tidy.”

2. The Experienced Candidate

Despite all the changes over the past year, there is no substitute for experience. Making yourself the best possible candidate (and having a resume that reflects that) is still incredibly important. Thomas also provided input here, “According to our 2020 Recruiter Nation Survey, previous job experience is still, and by far, the most important factor when evaluating a candidate. Job seekers should make sure to specify in their applications how previous job experience is relevant to the position they are applying for.”

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3. The Skilled Networker

Networking continues to be an important part of landing your next job. Simply submitting your resume to a job posting and hoping for the best is oftentimes not enough these days. Building relationships in your industry remains one of the best ways to land your next gig. Tim Rowley, CTO/COO at PeopleCaddie, highlighted the importance of networking, “Referrals are still the best way to open the door to competitive opportunities. Don’t be ashamed to let people in your network know that you are looking for a new opportunity. Individuals within your extended network may very well have the inside track to job openings within their respective companies.”

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4. The Contractor

COVID-19 has upended many people’s lives in so many ways. It has forced many to be more flexible and work from home — even those who would rather be at the office. But employers, too, are seeking flexible workers. According to Rowley, “In the face of the economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic, many companies are still reluctant to make permanent hires and will often look to start by bringing on contractors. Companies like to have the option to convert these contractors into permanent employees as they become more confident in the contractor’s ability to perform and the company’s business prospects become more clear.”

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5. The Team Player

If you have ever heard the expression “nice guys finish last,” it turns out that this isn’t the case in a corporate environment. A study by Zety pointed out that some of the qualities rated highly by recruiters and hiring managers come down to simply being nice. These include sincerity, kindness, patience, emotional intelligence, tolerance, and open-mindedness. Co-workers spend a lot of time together, so it makes sense that these qualities would be desirable. As such, Zety said that in the interview you should, “Project confidence and trustworthiness to get off to a strong start.”

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Last updated: Jan. 26, 2021

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