Women More Likely Than Men to Switch Role, Industry to Land Job

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The latest LinkedIn Workforce Confidence Index shows that unemployed women are more willing to adjust their strategies, and even change careers, to find work now than they were last October. Last year, only 72% of women polled said they would consider pivoting to a different industry or function. Last month, that number rose to 80%. Meanwhile, men’s willingness to switch industries or functions has remained the same as it was last fall, hovering around 74%.

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In the rapidly rising gig economy, both men and women have started thinking beyond traditional career roles to earn a living and find fulfillment. However, the men polled seem more willing to take this chance.

In October 2020, 53% of women and 63% of men were willing to start a business or find freelance work. Now, 58% of women say they would consider these possibilities, while only 62% of men would do the same, the survey says.

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Likewise, 47% of women polled said they were thinking about going back to school full- or part-time. Only 36% of unemployed men said they would consider expanding their education.

Neither gender seems keen on accepting a reduction in pay, title or seniority, according to the survey. However, more men (42%) than women (39%) said they would be willing to do so. Even less appealing? Relocating for work, a possibility that only 25% of  unemployed women and 33% of unemployed men said they were willing to explore.

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