Aldi, L.L.Bean and 50 More Brands With Lifetime Warranties

These brands guarantee their products for life.
  • Shawn

    Skull Candy also has a warranty, though it’s a bit limited. But even if you break or wear out headphones they’ll still give you 50 percent off a new pair.

  • roselandpete

    You might want to take another look at the Craftsman lifetime warranty. As reported in Wiki, “Sears has reduced the warranty in effect on many Craftsman non-powered lawn and garden products including rakes, shovels, clippers, brooms, trowels, pruners, hoses, sprinklers, hose nozzles, and other small gardening hand tools. Previously it was a lifetime warranty which on August 2, 2012, was reduced to 25 years with receipt required.[28] The lifetime warranty does not include precision hand tools, such as calipers and torque wrenches.”

    • rarnedsoum


      And the try so hard to make you jump hurdles and give up.
      Often, the tell you you have to mail in the broken tool, and chase down the replacement process.

      Fuck Kmart, and Sears.

  • Souse

    Ironlace Shoelaces offer a lifetime guarantee.

  • Rob Pezzolla

    Victronix knives …lifetime warranty

  • carolyn

    All Clad is another really good one. They will repair or replace their cook ware. I sent in a skillet that was 16 years old, just wanting a repair. A couple weeks later I had a brand new skillet, no questions asked

  • Eddie Bauer as well.

  • dude

    DR Maartens is only for UK. Chinese stuff bought in the us isn’t covered.

    • Ryan Burdick

      So no way to get that lifetime warranty in the states?

      • BlueArcherX

        Buy UK made models. They do sell them in the US, you just have to pay attention to what you are buying.

  • Xyberion1K3

    Gibson instruments (guitars, basses, etc.) are warranted for the life of the owner. The product must be purchased from an authorized seller / retailer. Kobalt hand tools from Lowe’s are supposed to have a lifetime warranty. Some people have had problems getting a replacement product under the Kobalt warranty, in Lowe’s.

  • Xyberion1K3

    Chicago Cutlery knives are warranted for the lifetime of the product.

  • Xyberion1K3

    Most Stanley Hand Tools have a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Friskars has a warranty, and they really deliver on it. Lands’ End also guarantees its products with no quibbles. Also if you purchase an item from Bed Bath and Beyond, it will take it back if it breaks. That is better than the warranty of some of the brands alone that require you to ship the items at your own expense.

    • SteveSlezak

      I agree with Fiskars tools… Their guarantee is exceptional, and I have had to return items for a replacement, no questions asked – no receipt needed…

  • Martin Guitars. Six years or so ago II had a Timbuk2 bag that had some problems with the stitching. I shipped it to them for repairs AND THEY INSISTED I PAY TO GET IT SHIPPED BACK. And a fairly silly amount, like $20. That’s not my idea of a decent warranty, but hey, that’s just me.

  • Kevin Gibbs

    Highpoint Firearms based in Lebanon, Ohio can be added to that list.

  • FirefighterGeek

    I’ve had to argue and wait a long time having Ridgid 18v batteries replaced. I absolutely love their 18v tools — best I’ve ever had — but when the batteries did need replacing it was a pain in the butt and the Home Depot people had no idea how to get it done.

  • John Doe

    Can vouch for Duluth’s. Have had two pairs of jeans from them (which I’ll add are the most comfortable and well made jeans I’ve ever owned) had a zipper that lost some teeth. Mailed them back with a pre-paid label and had a brand new pair in each case within a week and a half or so, for $7 shipping. I’ll be a customer for a very long time now.

  • Micky Michelle Elizabeth Gurr-

    Lodge cast iron cookware also

  • Phillip

    What is Coach’s policy for their bags?

  • Bryan Paul

    Sightron Rifle Scopes have a lifetime warranty

  • Erin Giebler Hill

    Columbia is good, too!

  • Reverend Dak J Ultimak

    Maglight. Replaced my mini-mag when a battery exploded in it. Hassle free.

  • optostar


  • Mike

    The North Face. Totes has a warrenty against manufacturing defects. Maglite has been my favorite for years. Sent one in to get refurbished. Cost very little and they did an excellent job. There customer service person was very nice as well. (After writing my comment, I see that the title of the article is the companies with the BEST lifetime warranties. I still vote for Maglite.)

  • Flavio

    “The North Face” is quite deceiving. As taken from their warranty page.

    Our products are covered under warranty, to the original owner, for the lifetime of the product.
    Unfortunately, this does not mean your lifetime.

    • Lisa Fonner Finamore


    • BlueArcherX

      This is the definition of a lifetime warranty, it has nothing to do with the purchaser’s lifetime. The product’s lifetime is generally the expected usable life of a product under normal use.

  • Dena L. Campbell

    Lupine pet collars, leashes, harnesses, etc… Lifetime warranty even if your pet chews them! I’ve had two replaced and it was a breeze with the exception of some patterns being unavailable years later.

  • Atriel Hudson

    Leica. In the US they have an awesome warranty
    Program. Just remember to register the product.

  • north face did not honor their warranty on the Guide Jacket (their top of the line). They said the material mulched up from my back pack straps was normal wear and tear. Much words, no substance.

    • arkhunter

      Go with Patagonia. They’ll take it back no questions if you bought it from them. Keep your invoice/receipts, I don’t know how much they track it on their end, but as long as you have that, you’ll get a full refund.

      • I used to work for the northface. They were really a solid company at one point. It is too bad that they are just words now. It is tough to spend $500 on jacket to find out that their words mean nothing–empty. They even accused me of trying to scam them; terrible customer service. I like Patagonia, but decided to replace the jacket with arc’teryx.

        • YaanG

          The best days of North Face are long past. They exist now solely to supply college students with fleece jackets emblazoned with that horrible shoulder logo,
          Good move getting Arcteryx.

    • Nyssa Lanzafame

      I do still buy some No. Face stuff….but I don’t put much stock in their warranty. Their product is only as good as it is—I had a bag that had some sort of lining in it that ‘melted’ or got stuck to all of the belongings inside the bag 🙁 it ruined my stuff. And when i paid to send it back, they never got back to me until i called them, then sent me a $10 gift card for a bag that cost $25 , all i wanted was a replacement, As I pointed out the $10 wouldn’t even cover the shipping i paid to return it + the shipping of a new item–not to mention I would be hard-pressed to buy anything from No. FAce for $10 even if shipping was free. so they agreed on a replacement, but never sent anything…..but they did void the gift card 🙁 so I paid for the bag, and return shipping, and all i got was a bunch if stuff ruined by the lining goo.

      so if i buy something from No. Face, I KNOW there is NO WARRANTY in reality. any important purchase i want to last i buy from Patagonia or LLBean. I recently had a wheel break on a Patagonia luggage bag, and they just sent me new ones!!! no hassle–and i did not have to waste fossil fuels sending the bag to them, so they get extra kudos!

  • arkhunter

    Patagonia has their Iron Clad guarantee. 100% if you bought it from them. Most recent sale price if there is no record of sale on their end or a receipt on yours.

  • Cashell

    Ok, technically it isn’t a lifetime warranty, but Saddleback Leather deserves a call-out for their 100 year warranty:

    Every piece of Saddleback Leather is built for lifetimes of satisfaction. In fact, we believe in our craftsmen, our materials and our designs so strongly that we warranty them against defects in materials and workmanship for 100 years. This warranty applies to product materials and construction under responsible use. Exposure to any harsh chemicals like salt, chlorine or conditioners that result in corrosion, discoloration or a breakdown of integrity of material, or damage caused by dog chewing, pool water exposure, road rash, etc., is considered abuse and will void the 100 year warranty. If your piece doesn’t live up to what we said it would, then contact us. or have one of your descendants get ahold of one of my descendants and we’ll take care of you.

    • Dave Joyce

      In fact that’s better than a lifetime warranty. Cause it lasts longer than your lifetime. And the warranty is transferable to future owners. So even if you buy one used, it’s covered.

  • woodrackets

    You forgot Targus bags. They are now sending me my 3rd bag. The first 2 wore out. I only paid for the first.

  • Brian Glick

    Xikar cigar cutters and lighters have a lifetime warranty, even on the blades. After 12 years of abusing my cutter, I sent it for a refurb with no receipt and got a new model back, no questions asked.

    • Lisa Fonner Finamore

      my husband got a new lighter from them as well…nice

  • gt0163c

    I don’t think Tupperware is guaranteed against peeling anymore. At least not according to the Tupperware lady I use.

    Nalgene water bottles are guaranteed forever. I’ve had two bottles crack recently (which is odd in and of itself). Fill out the form online, include a picture (one of my pictures didn’t even show the crack…you could just barely see it) and they will send you a replacement bottle. No questions asked.

  • Anna

    You forgot Vasque, hiking boot mfr. Nearly 15 years later, brand new pair…free.

  • Jackie Richardson

    Muck would not honor a defective boot that began to separate after just a year, but Amazon did. I just had to contact two departments. Customer Service jumped on it, when the warranty department didn’t respond. They replaced the pair within a couple days.

  • Colm Doherty

    Cross pens also have a lifetime guarantee – I’ve had two pens replaced and one factory repaired, quibble free

  • Nyssa Lanzafame

    Calphalon Cookware should be added! their warranty is tops, never a problem, always helpful. I just wish i didn’t have to use the warranty is all…

    • BlueArcherX

      Except if you put the non-stick models in your dishwasher… ask me how I know..

  • Sean F

    Osprey has been good to me. I had some clips break on a bag and filled in a parts request online. Received an email response in lest that 30 minutes saying the parts were shipped. Got the parts in a few days. When that same bag reached its very last leg, I shipped it to them for repair. Unfortunately they couldn’t repair it as it was a very old model. They sent me a list of new bags to pick from. I will always recommend Osprey when anyone is asking about bags.

  • altnetid

    Koss honoured their lifetime warranty outside the US but only after jumping through hoops contacting various different people and paying the return shipping fee and a £15 per item admin cost. For some PortaPros that cost me £17 (on offer – some places charge over £50).

  • Ken Blackman

    Lands’ End.

  • rahlquist

    iCracked, what does that even mean the repair is guaranteed for life? Will the replace the screen over and over for free after that? Or is it just cost of materials? or?

  • Robsw

    With Davek umbrellas, you get the additional benefit of them replacing your lost umbrella once for 50% off.

  • Christine Kelley

    Rainbow flip flops. Has an awesome warranty. They will repair or replace them as long as you haven’t warn the soles out. They are expensive but they have lasted me 8 years and living in Yuma Arizona, that’s all I wear all summer.