Senior Food Assistance: How Louisiana LACap Program Differs From SNAP and How To Apply

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Although Louisiana’s SNAP and LACap are both food assistance programs, LACap is only available to Louisiana residents who are at least 60 years of age and receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI). LACap is also viewed as a simplified version of SNAP.

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In addition to being at least 60 years of age and receiving SSI, you may be eligible if you:

  • Are not institutionalized or ineligible for SNAP benefits due to immigration status or an Intentional Program Violation
  • Live alone or buy and prepare your food separately or agree to buy and prepare your food separately from the other people who live with you
  • Are not living with your spouse or your own child who is under 22 years of age

If you are eligible, you’ll receive a Louisiana Purchase Card and SNAP benefits will be deposited into your account every month. All LACap cases are certified for 36 months. 

There are also three standard allotment amounts for LACap. LaCAP recipients will receive $35, $82 or $173, depending on shelter costs. To receive the most benefits possible, you must report all housing expenses.

To apply for LACap, complete the Louisiana Combined Application Project Enrollment Form and return it to any parish or district Department of Children and Family Services, Economic Stability office. There are no verification requirements and no telephone or face-to-face interviews are required.

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Once your application is received, a worker will be assigned to your case and will determine your eligibility. You will receive a letter within 30 days of the date that your application is received. This letter will state whether or not you are eligible for LACap benefits, the amount and when they are scheduled to begin.

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If you are not enrolled in SNAP, a Louisiana Purchase Card will be mailed to your address within seven days of the date your application is received or when your case is certified, whichever comes first.

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