Will Inflation Force You to Forgo Cookies For Santa This Year?

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You might have to make a smaller batch of cookies for Santa this year, as the price of ingredients for baking them has increased, especially if you live in San Diego.

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A new Hello Fresh survey finds that the California city is the most expensive one to make cookies this year, as the price of ingredients to make 100 cookies can cost $12.40.

Due to the economic strain caused by the pandemic and global supply shortages, the price of staple ingredients has been rising, and the study compared the cost of traditional holiday ingredients in 60 U.S. cities, by collecting the current prices of the following staple ingredients in each location: butter, eggs, flour, sugar and baking soda.

In second place is Burlington, VT, where cookie ingredient costs are just a bit lower, at $12.08.

In third is Los Angeles, Calif., where the ingredients to make cookies will cost you $11.41, and in fourth place is Salt Lake City, Utah, where ingredients are just a bit cheaper and will cost $11.40, according to the survey.

“We all know that cookies play a pivotal role during the holidays whether it be a way to bond with family and friends or a way to come together during the most festive time of year,” Carol England, Culinary Development Manager at HelloFresh, said in a statement. “The pandemic put a lot of stress on consumer wallets so we were interested to learn more about which cities and states are seeing the best bang for their buck when it comes to holiday ingredient shopping.”

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Santa might have more luck in Charleston, S.C., where ingredients to make 100 Christmas cookies will cost  $2.23; or in Charleston, W.Va., where they will cost $2.90.

In Des Moines, Iowa, you will pay $4.13 for your ingredients, while in Portland, Maine, you will pay $4.62.

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