Avoid Buying These 5 Products in February If You Can

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Every month ushers in an assortment of sales across various categories. January was great for purchasing small kitchen appliances, fitness gear, beauty items and winter clothing. Now we’ve slid into February, which is fantastic for buying winter apparel, TVs, gaming consoles and furniture. But every month also touts its dud deals, too, and February is no exception.

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Here’s a look at where shoppers can expect to find scarcely any worthwhile savings this month. 

Smartphones, Tablets and Computers

Some electronics, like TVs, are prime picks for savings in February, but other electronics, like smartphones, tablets and computers, are bad buys in general. This is because new models tend to hit shelves in spring and summer, reports The Ascent, a Motley Fool service. So if you can hold off a couple months until the newest iterations come to stores and older models go on sale, you’ll pocket some more savings then than you would in February.  

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If you can’t wait, consider buying a “like new” refurbished model. As GOBankingRates recently reported, refurbished computers from manufacturers like Apple and Dell can save you a bundle.

Golf Clubs

The newest golf club models are usually released in March, according to Offers.com, so it’s wise to wait until later in the year to make this purchase. If you don’t need the latest and greatest, March can be a great month to score deals on an older model, so get working on your stroke play now. 

Spring Fashion 

We’re all in a rush for the weather to hurry up and get nice already, and the proof is in our phones, where social media ads are buzzing with ads for spring fashion. Unfortunately, these hot new trends aren’t good buys right now, The Ascent asserts. Next season’s threads never are. Instead, look for fall and winter wear, which retailers are still discounting as they look to clear room for spring apparel.

Fitness Gear and Gym Memberships

You may think that January is the worst time to go all in on new fitness gear or a gym membership because the market is so oversaturated with New Year’s interest, but at least during that month you have promotions. In February, the sales have all wound down, the gyms are packed and there is zero momentum, according to The Ascent. Good luck finding a deal in this category this month. Try again in summer, when people start fretting over swimsuit season. 

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Valentines Day Gifts (Until Feb. 15) 

Consumers are in a spending frenzy for Valentine’s Day and are expected to spend an average of $192.80 on the romantic event this year, according to the National Retail Federation. Retailers know that folks will fork over a pretty penny on their sweethearts, and they’re apt to hike up prices on Valentine’s Day fare. So don’t go looking for savings on candy, chocolate, flowers or other classic Valentine’s Day gifts until after the big day, when you should expect significant markdowns, reports Offers.com.

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