13 Best Costco Items To Keep Stocked at All Times

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There are many types of consumers shopping at Costco. Among them: Parents with large families, bulk deal seekers, doomsday stock shoppers and people who just want a $1.50 hot dog combo.

No matter where you fall on this spectrum, few can argue the $60 annual membership isn’t worth the cost. As GOBankingRates previously reported, beyond just deals on food and household items, you benefit with car and travel perks, pharmacy discounts and even more economical gas.

While some may only shop at Costco once a month (all those bulk goods may not run out before then), there are some that go weekly. Either way, here are several items at the warehouse you might want to keep stocked at all times.

1. Toilet Paper

As we found out during the pandemic, good old-fashioned toilet paper is a huge commodity you never want to run out of, in good times or bad. If you have a big family, you know how quick those rolls can go. Costco has great deals on TP, as well as Kleenex and other bathroom essentials. Stock up with house brand Kirkland’s 30-roll mega pack of 2-ply sheets for $23.99.

2. Hint Bottled Water

Drinking the recommended eight glasses a day of water is so much more enjoyable when you do it with Hint. The lightly-flavored bottled water quenches thirst and keeps you hydrated every day with added great taste. A 15-count variety pack from Costco includes watermelon, blackberry and pineapple flavors; it costs $17.59, or just a bit over a dollar a bottle.

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3. Protein Bars

Whether you’re starting off the New Year with more resolutions to work out and need some fuel — or just want to prevent hunger attacks in your house — protein bars are a great food to keep on hand at all times. Costco sells a 24-count variety box of G2G bars in peanut butter, chocolate and coconut flavors for $49.99.

4. Olive Oil

Olive oil is the duct tape of household cooking. It’s great for sauteeing vegetables, drizzling over bread and salads, lining pans and even has beauty uses — so you won’t want to run out of it. Keep a healthy supply with two-liter bottles of Kirkland Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil going for just $19.49.

5. Baguettes

Costco bakery goods are a real slice of heaven. There are full TikTok accounts devoted to these treasures that are loved for their high quality, great taste and length of freshness. For a baked good, you might want to stock up on, go for their extra long French baguettes: great for sandwiches, toast, breakfast treats like French toast and so much more. It comes in a 2-pack so you could always use one and freeze the other.

6. Cat Litter

There’s never too much cat litter in a house with one feline or five. When it comes to pet essentials, this is one of the big ones you really don’t want to run out of. Stock up at Costco with a 42-pound box of Scoop Away Scented Litter for $22.99.

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7. Workwear

It’s not just food and household items you can get a great deal on at Costco. The warehouse is known for their quality clothing for the whole family, too. The one great kind of apparel they sell is workwear from trusted durable brands like Caterpillar. For anyone who works outside in all seasons, it’s paramount to have good work clothing on hand at all times. And Costco prices can’t be beat — around $20 for Caterpillar jeans.

8. Pickles

Crisp and crunchy, pickles are great with a sandwich, salad or just as a snack. Costco helps you keep them on hand for every occasion with this cold and frozen box of individually wrapped Dilly Bites. Each bag is freshly packed without messy brine and has several bites-worth to enjoy. A box of 12 costs $11.99.

9. Veggie Burgers

Vegetarians and vegans might want to keep a good stock of non-meat options at home rather than feel famished when there’s no veggie-based foods to choose from. A bulk box of Morning Star chipotle black bean burgers satisfies that need — each box has 12 inside and retails for $19.99.

10. Heinz Ketchup

If you have kids at home, you know they want ketchup on nearly everything: chicken nuggets, fries — perhaps even pasta. Rather than judge, you may want to oblige to keep the peace with this 3-packs from Heinz available at Costco for $11.99.

11. Ramen

This one might throw you back to college when you survived off Nissin Noodle Cups. Those same easy-to-make meals provide the same sustenance in a pinch now. Keep them at all times with a bulk box from Costco. The warehouse sells these in a 24-count box for $13.99.

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12. Coffee

For anyone who can’t do mornings until you’ve had coffee, Costco has bulk quantities of the needed caffeine. Available in ground packs, fresh beans and freeze-dried packs, one of the most convenient options are Keurig K-Cups. For $44.99, Costco has a box of 72 K-Cups of Starbucks hearty Sumatra brew that’ll start the day off on the right foot.

13. Garbage Bags

It never fails — just when you need a new garbage bag, the box is empty. That won’t happen as frequently if you stock up with box of house brand Kirkland’s 13-gallon Flex Tech bags (200 count) for $21.49. That’s a steal compared to paying $13 for a 60-bag box at another retailer, like Target.

Note: All prices listed above were current as of Mar. 23, 2023.

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