7 Items Dollar Tree Does Better Than Other Dollar Stores

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We often refer to “The Dollar Store” as one entity; but, in fact, there are several different stores with Dollar in their names: Dollar Tree, Dollar General and Family Dollar.

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While it might be easy to confuse these stores, they actually can offer a variety of products, depending on location or region. Dollar Tree, in specific, has a leg up on certain product areas, so you might want to prioritize them when you come for certain items.

Here are seven items that generally are best purchased at Dollar Tree.


According to Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst with DealNews.com, if you’re seeking a few replacement items of glassware, Dollar Tree is your best bet.

“Dollar Tree offers a variety of different kinds of glassware,” she said, “and you can buy each one individually, which means you can easily get only the pieces you need for $1.25 each.”

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This is helpful for people who don’t want to buy two four-piece margarita glass sets when you need just six, for example.

“The big appeal for their selection is the fact that you can get specialized glassware like the margarita ones mentioned above as well as dessert shot glasses, old-fashioned glasses, rocks glasses, brandy glasses, Irish coffee mugs and more,” Ramhold said. “You can’t go wrong, whether you want to build a home bar for entertaining or you just want special glasses to feel fancy.”


You can improve your kitchen in another way at Dollar Tree, with dinnerware.

“Dollar Tree has dinnerware in bold colors and fun prints,” Ramhold said, “and, since you can purchase them individually, that makes it easier to mix and match your place settings without breaking the bank. Each piece will only set you back $1.25, so you can buy plates, bowls and even charger plates in whatever combination you want.

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“Being able to do this also makes it easier to create multiple kinds of place settings for less (money) to use throughout certain seasons, dinner parties or even themed gatherings.”

Plastic Mixing Bowls

We haven’t left the kitchen yet! Ramhold also recommended Dollar Tree for the busy baker: “Choose from a two-pack of bowls in assorted sizes or a plastic mixing bowl with a handle, but either way you’ll pay $1.25.”

If you’re concerned about mixing food items in plastic, she pointed out that these also make excellent containers for other art projects.

“Whether you’re creating slime, papier mache or various other projects,” she said, “these can be great to keep on hand for a number of uses around the house. You’re unlikely to find plastic mixing bowls this cheap elsewhere, at least in these sizes, so Dollar Tree definitely wins out here.”

Select Craft Supplies

Savvy crafters also will want to bump Dollar Tree to the top of their shopping list, Ramhold said.

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“Shopping for craft supplies at craft stores can be pricey, even when there are deals to take advantage of, but you can pick up some items at Dollar Tree for much less. Things like die cut DIY boxes that you’ll be decorating yourself are good to pick up at Dollar Tree, as they’re only $1.25 each and the savings you earn there can be used for picking up other quality materials like good paint elsewhere.”

Household Cleaners

Dollar Tree also regularly stocks tried-and-true brands of household cleaners, such as Cascade dishwasher detergent packs, Ajax and Dawn dish soaps and Comet powdered cleaners. Ramhold added, “You’ll also typically be able to find things like Goo Gone, LA’s Totally Awesome All Purpose Cleaner, Lysol, Clorox, Pine-Sol and Fabuloso available as well.”

Frozen Food

Dollar Tree may have a bigger selection of frozen food — including steak — for lower prices than Dollar General, said Business Insider. It often just depends on the specific Dollar Tree location, and it’s going to be first come, first served on a lot of products.

Seasonal Merchandise

According to Business Insider, Dollar Tree makes 49% of its income on seasonal merchandise, such as holiday-themed items, and it is a consistent place to go for your decorating and gift needs associated with holidays and seasons.

Other Considerations

Other things to consider: While Dollar General has the magic word in its name, it’s not actually a consistent dollar store where you can find items for $1.25 like you can at Dollar Tree, according to Business Insider. Instead, you can expect Dollar General prices to be about 20% to 40% lower than traditional stores.

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