10 Items You Should Always Buy at Dollar Tree

Goran13 / iStock.com

Goran13 / iStock.com

In tough times like these when inflation is worrisomely high and a recession could be on the horizon, consumers flock to retailers that promise the best prices. Naturally, stores like Dollar Tree — whose name practically screams discounts — surge in popularity. 

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But names can be deceiving, and sometimes Dollar Tree isn’t always the cheapest or best place to shop. Other times, it’s indubitably got the most attractive bargains.

Let’s explore 10 items (and types of items) that you should always buy at Dollar Tree.    

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Seasonal Decor

“Dollar Tree has a good bit of seasonal items for different holidays, which means you can find a good bit of decor or themed party supplies,” said Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst with DealNews.com. “From festive trays and displays to hanging decorations and DIY materials, there’s plenty for all the major holidays there and it won’t cost you a fortune, even if you buy everything in that section.”

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“Dollar Tree has a lot of what you need for centerpieces, including plenty of glass vases to choose from,” Ramhold said. “While you can get standard shapes like hurricane or pot belly, you can also get smaller bud vases as well. You can also find a variety of mirrors if you want something to set said vases on, as well as candles and glass accent rocks to add to the vases.”

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Mixing Bowls

“You can get a 2-pack of bowls or even[plastic]  mixing bowls with handles for $1.25,” Ramhold said. “The great thing about these is that they’re perfect for craft hobbies like papier mache, slime-making, or DIY candles or soaps. So even if you’re worried about putting food items in plastic bowls, you can still find plenty of uses for these bowls.”

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“You can actually find stylish patterns and colors of dinnerware at Dollar Tree, and since you can buy the pieces individually, you can mix and match if you want to,” Ramhold said. “Look for vibrant colors as well as patterns perfect for every season and pay just $1.25 for each piece.” 

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“Dollar Tree has a ton of different kinds of specialty glassware including things like margarita glasses, daiquiri glasses, dessert shot glasses, martini glasses and more,” Ramhold said. “Best of all they’re only $1.25 each and you can buy the exact amount you need without having to buy full sets from elsewhere.”

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Pregnancy Tests

Of all the items that Dollar Tree sells, pregnancy tests are certainly among the most crucial. You can find pregnancy tests here for much cheaper than you may at drugstores, but be sure to check the expiration date. 

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Greeting Cards

$5.99 for a greeting card? That’s what many retailers unabashedly charge — and that’s not even the priciest kind. But at Dollar Tree you can find these social essentials for $1.25. 

Picture Frames

You could easily blow a ton of money on a picture frame but often you’ll find that you don’t need something ultra fancy to encase your most precious memories. A $1.25 frame from Dollar Tree will do just fine. 

Make Your Money Work for You
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Arts and Crafts Supplies 

You can head over to Target or Staples and dish out some serious dough on arts and crafts supplies such as markers and poster board, or you can scoop up these and related items at Dollar Tree for little more than a buck apiece. 

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Planning a movie night but don’t want to shell out $2.50 on a box of Sour Patch Kids at a convenience store? Head on over to Dollar Tree where you can get tons of different types of candy for $1.25 a pop. 

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